The Heart Chakra

April 18, 2016

This week, we’re about halfway through our Chakra Series and we’re landing right in the middle of our body’s energy points: the Heart Chakra.heartchakraYour Heart Chakra is an energy point in the center of your chest just above the heart. Maybe you’ve placed your hand here while trying to connect to, or understand an emotional situation, or while explaining your own feelings. This is because the Heart Chakra is where our inner peace, empathy, compassion, acceptance, and love reside. The energy created by the Heart Chakra is our ability to put forth love and balance our lower 3 material chakra with our higher 3 spiritual chakras.heartchakranatureA balanced Heart Chakra means you are feeling energized, open, loving, and loved. Flowing through you is the ability to forgive and have a positive understanding of letting go. This place does not harbor anger but rather pure expressions of abundant love. If you’re feeling as though these emotions are not coming easily to you, the Heart Chakra could be blocked. heartchakra1A number of things could cause a Heart Chakra blockage and it’s important to recognize which events in our lives can leave us feeling this way. Unresolved, damaged family and romantic relationships are some of the most common problems that lead to a blocked Heart Chakra. Continuing with interpersonal relationships, your heart center could feel blocked if you’ve been selfish or conditional with the way you’ve been accepting, loving, or treating others. Even spending too much time alone can close off your heart.heartchakratreeWhen the Heart Chakra is closed off, you could end up experiencing physical conditions such as chest tightness, heart disease, asthma, or heart palpations. Emotionally, you could be experiencing heartache, despair, or no desire for the flow of love – to or from others. Anger, hatred, and lack of purpose are some more extreme signs of a closed Heart Chakra.

heartchakrayoga heartchakrayoga2It’s important to remedy an imbalanced Heart Chakra. This energy center has the ability to fuel the rest of the energy centers coursing through your body. An open Heart Chakra is truly invigorating.heartchakraloveIf you feel that your Heart Chakra is in need of therapy, air is its natural element so try going for a walk on a windy day or go for a drive with the windows down to let the breeze whip around you. Practice deep breathing or simply listen to air blowing. A couple of our favorite elemental soundtracks we like to listen to would be soft wind chimes or a breezy forest. Couple this with Heart Chakra aromatherapy of eucalyptus, bergamot, rosemary, peppermint, or tea tree (Sadie’s absolute fav).IMG_1012The Heart Chakra crystals and gemstones to wear and keep near include moonstone, tourmaline, rose quartz, aventurine, emerald, green calcite, and green tourmaline. Hold them to your heart or pair them with wearing something green; the Heart Chakra color. You could also just try being around more green things to encourage a feeling of wholeness, acceptance, and love.heartchakragreenFor immediately noticeable effects, try practicing small acts of kindness! Pay for the person in line for coffee behind you, donate to a charity (any amount is always appreciated), or volunteer practically anywhere. Think about the people you love and maybe send them a little reminder note of that love. Go ahead and incorporate Heart Chakra mindfulness into your exercise routine by doing push-ups, walking, swimming, or doing camel pose, eagle, and/or cobra. Most things will feel possible with the openness of love and acceptance, so check in with yourself often to make sure you’re using the benefits of the Heart Chakra energy.heartchakrayogaloveDon’t miss the next post of the TFC Chakra Series where we’ll be speaking up about the Throat Chakra!


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