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Embracing Your Full Existence

July 11, 2016

The Fashion Cookbook has grown a lot over the years, and it has expanded to cover topics far beyond outfit inspiration. In fact, we hope to inspire our readers on a deep level. Today I’m eager to share a different kind of post with you. Victoria Cyzewski, our wellness contributor wrote a beautiful and insightful piece about embracing your full existence. Victoria played a vital role in my self-love and spiritual journey and it means so much to me that she has joined The Fashion Cookbook and can bring a new perspective to our team. I hope you can take a moment to read her words and truly reflect on them.

–Hannahfreepeopledress freepeoplethecape sunsetonthecapeWhen We Forget

We are souls having a human experience. We posses both a grounded earthly pull within our bones and our cells, and yet the soaring whimsical thoughts of the divine within our hearts. This duality that is the nature of having an earthly human experience, combined with our relationship to the majesty and abundance of the universe can often times become confusing and tricky for us when we are thinking with our rational human mind. More often than not, when we are experiencing a human world of anxiety, confusion, and opposition, we have forgotten the flip side of our existence. The magical, eternal, non-material side of our existence that calls us upwards to the sky and to the heavens. It’s the golden light of calm that oxygenates your cells when you take a relaxed deep breath. It’s the indescribable awe and humbleness you feel when you watch the orange sunrise over the ocean. It’s the real truth of our existence in this suit of clothes we call a body. Though the body is anchored in this human life we are here to do the work of our quiet, higher soul’s calling.sunsetonthecape1Surrender

Let go of the certainty you think accompanies a world you can see and feel in this moment of consciousness. Transcend the belief that your eyes, your hands, your feet, your beating heart and all that rules you and dictates your accomplishments, your failures, your joys, and your disappointments. Surrender to the truth that you were created from much more than that. So much more that it is too grand, too colorful, too full of blessings, grace and majesty for you to see with these eyes. Surrender to the quiet that contains all the answers you have been seeking.thecape2 thecapeChange Your Prayer

Ask the energetic fairies pulling your consciousness higher what they would have you do; How they would have you be and show up in this human experience? Shift your prayer from asking how you can acquire things and achieve things, to a prayer of how you can serve. Ask the divine how it would like you to be of service and the vehicle of divine love. Pray to simply be the faucet; Be the contraption in which honest love and wisdom can speak through and can connect with your brothers and sisters having this experience with you.

thecapefreepeople                                                                                          Dress- Free People



& Victoria

A #GirlBoss Weekend – Planning Your Perfect Girls’ Weekend

July 9, 2016

girlsweekendseaglassin The problem with being a #girlboss is that we lead crazy, hectic, fulfilling, demanding, stressful, and exciting lives. Whether you’re juggling work and school, putting in extra hours in the office, putting in extra hours outside of the office on a business venture or passion, raising kids, or some combination of these things, it isn’t easy keeping up with these unrelenting demands. But girl bosses are always up for the challenge, often sacrificing their own health and sanity to make it work. seaglassinncape Recently, I watched the movie The Intern (how could I resist an Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro joint appearance?) In the first half hour of this movie I was having major Devil Wears Prada feels. Anne Hathaway plays a badass CEO of a startup online retailer. She lives in a gorgeous NY brownstone and she’s a mom and wife on top of it all. Well…*spoiler alert* she’s also seriously burnt out.  I say all that to say this – there’s nothing wrong with trying to “have it all.” But prioritizing yourself, your happiness and well-being, is ultimately paramount. You can only give so much of yourself to your job or others before you literally run out, and that moment when you hit empty is often a jarring one. You eventually crash into the realization that you’re not physically or emotionally able to keep the juggling act going. So before you reach that place, stop whatever your doing and take some “me” time. And don’t feel guilty about it. You’ve earned this. seaglassinnbathroomseaglassinn
Hannah and I recently took a much needed girls’ weekend in beautiful Provincetown, where we stayed at the Seaglass Inn – a quaint hotel and resort just a short walk away from the city center or the ocean. After five years of school and new full time jobs we were so ready for a vacation. But we wanted to go somewhere that was both relaxing and had plenty of to do – so staying in Ptown was perfect. Our hotel had a gorgeous pool, complimentary breakfast, and a spa which definitely checked off the relaxation box. And the crisp white linens, dark wood furniture, and gorgeous bathroom (complete with my fave…subway tiles!) created a perfect oasis.

But perhaps what made Seaglass the perfect home away from home were the people. From Nadine, the owner, to Steve, the general manager, and Pat (a  fellow Patricia) we felt extremely welcomed and comfortable. Unlike being at a giant hotel you really feel an intimacy and homelike quality staying at an inn like Seaglass.



So without further ado…

The TFC Recipe for the Ultimate Girls’ Weekend

1. Lounge by the pool

2. Wade in the ocean

3. Make friends with the locals

4. Run through sand dunes

5. Treat yourself to an extravagant dinner

6. Eat all of the oysters you can handle

7. Enjoy a wine tasting

8. Bond with your best girlfriends

9. Dance, laugh, and dance some more

Our Cape Favorites

Best Home Away from Home: The Seaglass Inn & Spa

Best Seafood: Moby Dick’s Restaurant

Best Winery: Truro Vineyards

Best Extravagant Dinner: Twenty Eight Atlantic


Love Hannah + Patricia, Blog Signature

 This post was created in collaboration with The Seaglass Inn & Spa

Plant Makeup

June 27, 2016



Every organic thing is planted for the future. But for a plant to reach the future, it must grow in two opposite directions at the same time. As the roots grow downward into the dark, into the depths, the plant’s limbs reach for the light and grow upward. Birth and rootedness take place in cave-dark spaces, from which grow the upward, outward expression. No darkness, no light. No dirt, no daybreak. No past, no future.
Leonard Sweet, The Well-Played Life


13548822_10157039993540207_631272823_o13569882_10157039994060207_1517906864_oMore and more the woods have been whispering my name softly; beckoning me to make a peaceful surrender. As I face yet again a very transitional time in my life, I can’t help but feel emotionally imbalanced and in a constant state of rumination around meeting my basic survival needs. When I get in this thought spiral it takes away my ability to connect with others and feel the love that is around me. One of the ways I’ve been trying to balance my root chakra and connect with the Earth has been to interact with plants, specifically flowers. I’ve been using herbal remedies to aid with my anxiety and I’ve also found ways to incorporate them into my beauty routine.

I recently learned about an amazing line called, “Plant Makeup” that is 100% plant-based. All the products are homemade by this amazing girl named Jes, and all the ingredients are local or organic + sustainably sourced. 13523925_10157039989285207_969952079_o13523922_10157039993455207_509626183_oJes graciously gifted us the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection and I have to say both my outer and inner person has been really digging it! I love the way the products feel on my skin and inside I feel a strong bond with nature. Finally a makeup company that promotes natural beauty and supports a healthy relationship + respect for nature. It just goes to show you that fashion and living a mindful lifestyle can go hand-in-hand. 13517749_10157039989510207_1582975423_o13556098_10157039994860207_178024861_o13549128_10157039991945207_2018738747_o13523892_10157039992375207_541843491_oPhotography by Chelsea Blood



Yes, You Too Can Be a Creative

June 2, 2016


Hi, I’m Patricia and I’m a type A perfectionist. I work at an insurance company by day and graduated with my MBA. I’m the opposite of what you’d call a “creative” type. So you can imagine what happened when I started blogging. I corrected every comma. Seriously, every single comma. I’d type up a sentence…delete it…continue typing…look up a synonym on google…take a break from banging my head against the computer…and so the saga continued. I’m sure you’re wondering how often that has happening in this post, aren’t you? Well, I’m not telling.


Anyway, then I got this fancy DSLR (Hannah’s camera) and became obsessed with beautiful photography. But also completely and utterly frustrated at the quality of my photography. The worst part was that I didn’t even know where to begin with manual mode and don’t even get me started on photo editing. I would spend countless hours staring at the computer screen trying to figure out the exact brightness and contrast of each photo. I’d often think to myself, I am just not cut out for this creative stuff. Let me go back to my spreadsheets and emails and call it a day.


But I’m persistent so I just kept playing with this thing until finally by sheer trial and error I started getting half decent pictures. Still, I was dissatisfied. And that’s when my lovely friends Nina and Alicia at Bluefly Lens were all like, “hey we’ll teach you!” It pays to have equally talented and generous friends. They put me through a super fun crash course in all things photography – aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition… you name it. And guess what? We got some pretty cool pictures out of it too. In fact, the photos in this blog post were shot by Hannah with direction from Nina and Alicia and I’m OBSESSED.

greenbooties longbob naturalmakeuplook slipdress2

So moral of the story is this – don’t count yourself out. Of anything. While no one is good at everything and we all have our strengths and weaknesses this doesn’t mean you can’t develop new skills and pick up new passions. Be teachable and accept the fact that you may frankly suck at it to start. However, if you love it and stick with it you can achieve your goals (it helps to have supportive friends too).

So go on you type As get crazy and never forget that your type “a-ness” is a gift and you too can be a creative.

P.S. I’m currently rocking caramel highlights and natural curls – I definitely owe you all an update so stay tuned. Thank you for your continued patience and support! xoxo

Special thank you to my friends and amazing photographers at Bluefly Lens and M. Pope Jewelers for that gorgeous bracelet!



Blog Signature Patricia

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