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Self-Esteem vs. Self-Worth

December 19, 2016

sweaterdressRecently when I was out dancing with my girlfriends a random guy came up to me and asked how is that a girl can pull off wearing bold colored lipstick (hint: I was wearing a YSL bright red). My response was simple. I smiled wide and told him, “ with confidence.”

As the years have gone by I’ve built up my self-esteem through my love of fashion and self-expression, as well as through my string of successes in both my career and schooling. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m always happy with myself. In fact in a lot of ways I’ve actually been very unhappy on a deeper level… More recently my moving back home to Maine with no job and living with my parents feels like several steps back from all that I’ve accomplished. I’ve been feeling a lot more anxious and depressed as a result.oversizeddressAlthough, self-worth is often used as a synonym for “self-esteem,” they actually have different meanings. Self-worth, in comparison to self-esteem, at its core should be less about measuring yourself based on external actions and more about valuing your inherent worth as a person. In other words, self-worth is about who you are, not about what you do.

 A recent study at the University of Michigan found that college students who base their self-worth on external sources (including academic performance, appearance, and approval from others) reported more stress, anger, academic problems and relationship conflicts. They also had higher levels of alcohol and drug use, as well as more symptoms of eating disorders. The same study found that students who based their self-worth on internal sources, not only felt better, they also received higher grades and were less likely to use drugs and alcohol or to develop eating disorders. ( Source)oversizedsweater3


Sweater- Tobi

Boots- Lulu’s

Hoop earrings- Express

Bag- Longchamp


“I do not want to be beautiful. I want to be contagious and radiant. I want to leave a mark on not only on the world but on souls. I want to have something to offer; something more than the superficial idea that my beauty is all that I have to give.”  -unknown

sweaterdressoutfit2WOW! Let that sink in…basing one’s self-worth on external factors is actually harmful to one’s mental health. We absolutely need to be having more conversations around self-worth and the role it plays in our society. Constantly comparing ourselves to others means to always be fighting a losing battle.

If you’re anything like me you may be wondering how you can be working on improving self-worth. No one says the road will be an easy one, but here is what I found:

Your past doesn’t matter. It’s done and over with! Use those experiences as learning blocks and go forward to your magnificent, abundant life. There are no benefits to staying in the past, pick up your thoughts and spring forward.

The Universe created you in its infinite wisdom. Therefore you cannot be anything other than worthy. The Universe brings things and does things for a bigger purpose. It’s no accident you’re the way you are, you are perfect!

Remove judgment from your heart and brain.

Because you said so. Do you know your mind doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth? Tell yourself that you are worthy enough times. Sooner or later its bound to catch up with you.

 There is no distinction between worthy and unworthy in the eyes of the Universe.

oversizedsweater1I’d love to know what you think about this subject. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section!



Echo Park Lake

December 13, 2016

echoparklakeA little over a month ago Sadie and I met at Echo Park Lake for brunch. There we enjoyed a cheap bottle of rosé and bagels with lox as we sat for hours discussing the result of the presidential election and filling each other in on what had been going on in our lives. The major theme from our conversation was how we both were wrought with anxiety over what comes next… That applied to both the state of the country, as well as in our personal lives.

Since these photos were taken, I’ve quit my job and moved across the country back home to Maine. I must have tried to write this blog post close to twenty times now. Each time I would attempt to collect my thoughts and begin typing, only to erase it all out of frustration that no amount of words seemed to do my experience justice. I have to admit there’s a part of me now that feels a similar dissatisfaction.picnicechoparkSo what happened? I wasn’t happy living in Los Angeles. I mean I was happy to be living in the physical city, but on a deeper level, I wasn’t fulfilled with my life opportunities there. It got to a point where I was constantly anxious and depressed at work and felt completely untethered to what normally grounds me. I was barely making enough money to survive and I felt extremely isolated living alone in a new environment. What’s more is what I thought I so desperately wanted was in actuality extremely unfulfilling to me. I was on a path to becoming “a success” on paper, but in my heart, I felt sad.

picnicechoparklakeroseAn important thing to learn earlier on is what motivates you. For me, money will never be what gets me up in the morning. I crave beauty, creativity, spirituality, empowering those around me, and making some sort of difference on this earth each day. Although I’ve been able to access aspects of these things in my past jobs, none have been as fulfilling as image consulting and blogging has been for me. It finally hit me that I don’t have to wait twenty plus years to work my way up the career ladder to then follow my dreams. I can fight for my dreams starting today.

If you were to die tomorrow how would you want to spend your day today? I realize that’s a pretty hefty statement, but it brings to light the truth of whether you’re living day-to-day in a meaningful way. No ones’ answer to that question would be quite the same, but I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people would choose to spend the day doing something that they really love.

florals“What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace.” — Paulo Coelhoadidas

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and reflecting over my time spent the past three months in California. There are moments where I think that I didn’t try hard enough or that I was weak by quitting my last job. So often it makes me feel that I wasn’t as smart or as driven as I thought I was, but then I’m reminded that I quit because I was miserable and wasn’t fulfilled on a soul level. Coming back definitely has its obstacles, but I’m happy that I have a chance to help my community and be a light where it’s so greatly needed.flowerssadieHannahecholakepark


Kimono- Forever 21

Shirt- Target

Denim- Forever 21

Sneakers- Adidas Originals

Necklace- Forever 21

adidasoriginalsechoparkpicnicI’m not sure what comes next, but I do know that only good can come from listening to your gut. I don’t regret at all listening to my inner voice when I decided to move to LA. I’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time and so much of it was due to taking chances and learning to not let fear rule me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit scared now trying to figure out  the job situation and what comes next, but a bigger part of me is excited by the unknown. I think it’s time I embrace my personal power and use my unique gifts to help bring love to the world- starting with you, my readers. Thank you for being apart of this journey xx



Shop Local: Katie Manzella of Sweatheory

November 22, 2016

Recently my father saw a photo I posted to Facebook of a new moon ritual with crystals and he inquired about what I was getting into. I don’t blame him for being curious for he, along with many people are unfamiliar, if not hesitant of incorporating New Age practices into their routine. My response to him was simple: “I’m merely opening myself up to accepting help from all sources.”

Crystal healing stems from the concept of utilizing crystals as a tool to help you become more grounded and connected to the earth. Crystals can be used to help anyone who wants to heal through natural means. Each crystal has different energies and properties to help bring you whatever you are looking for at that given moment. I recently had the opportunity to meet with Katie Manzella of Sweatheory for a crystal and reiki healing, as well as an hour-long Infrared Sauna session.

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful the experience was! After a very stressful week at work and with so much going on with me personally, the session helped me to feel both grounded and centered. Katie has such a positive and kind spirit, so I felt completely at ease around her. She has such a loving energy that she is one of those people you feel you have known for years, even upon just meeting her. There are many paths to the discovery of self-love and crystal healing is just one of them. I hope you will read on with both an open heart and mind. - Hannah

katieKatie Manzella is a Certified Crystal Alchemist, Reiki Master, Angel Card Reader and Clairvoyant who assists her clients in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Born and raised in the Pacific Palisades, Katie was first introduced to crystals in 2010 during a healing session with her spiritual mentor.  Since then, she has been trained and certified at the renowned Aura Shop in Santa Monica.  Katie integrates her knowledge of crystals and metaphysical studies along with the combined alchemy of Reiki, Theta healing, breathwork, yoga, meditation, sacred ceremonies, eco-friendly living practices, and Lightwork to illuminate the space and command divine perfection during sessions.katiesweatheorysweatheory1 sweatheorydeskWhat got you interested in this kind of work? I was going through a challenging time in my early 20’s and I was recommended to where I have since received my Reiki level 1 and 2 and Crystal Alchemy training with a healer who has ultimately become my mentor. Within our first session, she helped to awaken my divine truth. I remembered who I really was and why I was here. I was never without crystals from that day forward. My mentor provided me with the opportunity to take her Crystal Alchemy class and helped to change my destiny to one that serves me so that I can be of service to others and share with them the gift that was so freely given to me, the gift of self-empowerment and discovery. I have had the most unconditionally loving, nurturing and transformative experiences of my life working with the Crystal Kingdom and Reiki so it is my divine purpose to share this blessing with anyone that is open to receive this divine message of Love. Healing is a process that must be met with patience. It took me a number of years of working with energy healing to get where I am today and I am so grateful for every step of this path I have taken.sweatheorykyliejennerangelcardsWhat do you want people to know about alternative forms of healing? I would like people to know that alternative forms of healing truly work. It’s so important to know that we are more than just this physical body.  Great healing requires balance among the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies for true healing to take place. I know certain types of alternative healings might not “be for everyone”, but I assure you there is an alternative healing modality that would resonate with every earthling on this planet if they are able to surrender and dissolve judgments or expectations that might otherwise block them from receiving the healing transmission. Alternative healing is the way of the future. Everything we need to heal is provided to us by our beloved Mother Earth. It is not synthetic chemical or quick fix. We aren’t here to support corporations and industries that are here for profit and greed. We are here to help create a new world of hope for our future and to me, that involves holistic healing approaches like Acupuncture, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Breathwork.katieangelcardssweatcrystal2chakrabalancingcrystal4crownchakra balancingchakracrystal1crystalhealingcrystalhealingseleniteTo book a session with Katie you can email her at or call the spa at 310-956-2307.



Fall Cider Cocktail Recipe

November 11, 2016

FallCiderCocktailHappy Friday! Although we are not quite feeling the quintessential fall weather here on the West Coast with temperatures reaching 90 degrees this week, it doesn’t mean we can’t channel major fall vibes with this delicious fall cider cocktail recipe. This is honestly such an easy drink to make (and super budget friendly) so it’s perfect for either entertaining or for enjoying alone while cozied up reading a good book. falldrinksINGREDIENTS

2 ounces fresh apple cider

4 ounces ginger beer

2 ounces spiced dark rum

Thyme and apple slices to garnishfallciderrumDIRECTIONS

Combine apple cider, ice, and rum in a shaker. Shake and pour over ice, top with ginger beer. Enjoy!




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