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We chose the name The Fashion Cookbook because we believe style is made up of many intricate ingredients - such as lifestyle, values, and career - and accented by unique flavors like a pinch of sass, a teaspoon of whimsy, and a dash of glamour.

How to Style Nude Lace

November 25, 2014


Before it snows, I’d like to share a simple, but sexy evening outfit with you. The other day I wore this dress with my leather jacket, these tights, a big chunky gray infinity scarf, and my Steve Madden troopa boots. Come evening, I switched out the boots for these pair of nude heels. There’s something sultry about pairing leather and nude lace together. I find a lot of women think they need to show skin in order to dress sexy, but you really don’t have to. Instead you can play up textures, and wear the makeup you feel the most confident in. Besides, there the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence.

Personally, I feel most confident wearing lipstick. I actually cannot leave the house without it. Some people need accessories, I need my lips to pop. Not everyone can pull off a bright red lip, and they shouldn’t have to. This is because you need to wear lipstick that matches your personality, not just skin-tone. People tend to often forget that. If you never wear makeup and a bright red seems intimidating, then I would try a red that is more subtle, perhaps one that has brown undertones. What is it that you feel most confident in?


Leather jacket-Forver 21

Dress- Forever 21 (similar)

Tights- Forever 21 (similar)

Heels- Zara

Bag- Mulberry x Target


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Spotlight Series: College Style

November 24, 2014


It is with great pleasure that we introduce two very special guest stars to The Fashion Cookbook. Meet Jenny Rubin and Allie Richards, two freshman year roommates that go to Clark University. Patricia and I wanted to start a spotlight series, where we feature other individuals from varying backgrounds on our blog. Our hope is to empower you, our readers, to see how fashion applies to us all. You do not have to be a fashion blogger to look and feel stylish. Heck, we run into friends, professors, coworkers, and strangers everyday who we want to feature on our blog because they have such a unique and compelling sense of personal style.

Hannah met Jenny and Allie this school year and was instantly impressed with their style, but more so with their sense of self. Coming into college can be an extremely hard transition and quite overwhelming. Its no surprise that it can be a vulnerable time for body image and other challenges. Where else are you going to live with so many people, where you can’t help but constantly compare yourself to others? It is important to take this time to reflect that we each are made differently and that you are beautiful just the way you are. This being said, your exterior is still what people make their first impression on (sad, but true) so why not show them bits of the real you? Keep reading to see how these girls would describe their personal style and how they express themselves through clothing..

I like people who have a sense of individuality. I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that’s natural and that’s real. –Marc Jacobs


Jenny’s Outfit Ingredients

Sweater- Nordstrom Rack



Tights- Target

Boots- Payless

Ring/necklace: Streets of Israel

Socks-I stole them from Allie (i.e. Carhartt)


Do you feel any different dressing in college than in high school?

College is so different for me fashion-wise!!! I went to a high school with a uniform, so there wasn’t much room for me to experiment and figure out my style. I’m definitely still figuring it out. This summer was the time when I really tried playing around with different styles and deciding what I liked to wear and what I didn’t. But as the seasons have been changing, I’ve had to focus a lot more on what I like to wear and what feels comfortable. There are days when I just want to wear sweatpants and t-shirts to class and not put in any effort, but I know that by putting in just 10 more minutes in the morning to get ready, I’ll feel so much more confident throughout the day.

How would you define your style?

My style usually revolves around one central piece, and I’ll usually pair neutral clothing with that. I love to feel comfortable, so I tend to stick to the basics- sweaters, scarves, warm socks.

Jenny2   closeup2 Allie

Allie’s Outfit Ingredients

Sweater- Target

Pants- Forever 21

Owl Necklace- H&M

Shirt- Thrifted

Pumps- TJ Maxx


How would you define your style?

I dress by how I feel. If It’s cold and I want to be comfortable I’ll wear a sweater and leggings. If I’m happy and ready for the day I’ll wear my “fun pants” or a vibrant top. If I want to dress up or feel like a fancy business executive I’ll wear a skirt and tights. I think my style revolves around layering and eclectic thrift store finds. I feel most comfortable in jeans or leggings and a sweater. This gives me more options for accessorizing and layering.

What makes a good outfit for you?

A good outfit is something I feel good in. Something that makes me want to leave my bed and stop watching Netflix for at least a few hours.



Love Hannah + Patricia, Blog Signature

Fashion and Beauty Tips for the Busy Woman

November 19, 2014







Hello Beautiful People,

The last few weeks have been absolutely mind boggling busy. I’m talking 9 AM to 12 PM days, with a few all nighters to keep me on my toes. It has been stressful to say the least. Sometimes, when I’m in the thick of it I just want to give up, snuggle up with my laptop, and indulge in Netflix all night. But at the end of the day, when all is said and done the only thing I regret are the things I gave up on, not any of the hard work I put in. So I encourage all of you to pursue the things you love and work hard even at the things you don’t because your hard work will pay off. Without further ado, here are some fashion and beauty tips for the busy woman – to get you through those stressful, hectic, no sleep days.

Fashion and Beauty Tips

for the Busy Woman (like me):


Strike a balance between comfort and style.

You’ll feel more put together and confident if you take the extra step to change out of your sweatpants and into something a little more stylish. On this particular day, I opted for a comfy sweater (with a lot of personality) and boyfriend jeans.

Don’t forget your accessories.

Often when I’m running out the door in a frenzy because I snagged a few extra minutes of beauty sleep I throw my earrings and necklace into a pocket within my bag and throw them on once I’m in class, work, or in the lobby waiting for an appointment. The little sparkle makes all the difference in showing that you put effort into considering the details of your outfit.

Sunglasses are your friend (my new BFFs actually)

If I don’t have time to slap on some concealer I look like a zombie.  So these aviators have been great in helping me get out of the door with no makeup on without feeling super self conscious.

Tote bags are obviously meant for carrying your heels in -

don’t torture your feet by running around in your heels all day long!


So, remember how I said I look like a straight up zombie without concealer? Well, I’m like a character from the Walking Dead when I don’t sleep. But as I’ve been running on anywhere between 4 and 7 hours of sleep every night I’ve gotten pretty good at faking the bright eyed bushy tail look. ;)

Don’t skimp on a great concealer.

I am currently in LOVE with Mac’s Mineralize Concealer – my shade is NW20 in winter and NW25 in summer. It has great coverage while still looking natural, and minimizes the dreaded…dun dun dun… undereye creasing.

I LOVE PINK ! (Not the Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants..although those are great too)

Well, actually Hannah is the pink fanatic in this duo  BUT a shimmery light pink shadow does wonders for brightening up your eyes.

Speaking of pink…don’t forget the rosy cheeks!

A peachy pink blush with subtle shimmer will make your skin look dewy and healthy.

Don’t forget the highlighter!

Use a bright shimmery champagne shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up instantly. And then use a highlighting cream to highlight the top of your cheekbones for that extra wow factor.

Grooming your brows & applying mascara are non negotiable!

Must Have Fashion and Beauty

Ingredients for the Busy Woman (like me):


Boyfriend Jeans

Cozy Sweater

Style & Co. Nude Pumps

(Lusting over these Sam Edelman Kitten Heels)

Kate Spade Bow Necklace

Ralph Lauren Aviator Sunglasses



MAC Mineralize Concealer

IT Cosmetics Illuminizer

The Balm Hot Mama Blush

Maybelline Cream Eyeshadow in Inked in Pink

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

L’ORÉAL Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

H&M Nude Lipstick & IT Cosmetics Lip Gloss


Blog Signature Patricia

Mixing Prints

November 18, 2014

edit2 flannel2 stripesedit4

Lately I’ve been feeling off with the colder weather and shorter days due to daylight savings time. To combat this seasonal funk I’ve been trying to spend more time outside and less time in my room behind a laptop screen. I have found too that my outfits also tend to have an impact on my mood. Today’s fall weather called for playing with prints.

Styling Tip: Mixing prints can be tricky, but totally doable! You mostly want to remember to not over do it. In general it is best to pair a more intricate print with a less busy one. In the case of combining a flannel shirt with another print, its best to pair it with an item with large stripes, so as to have the lines of the two pieces contrast well. Also if you’re feeling a little daring a dark lip is a must! The one I’m wearing is by Kate Moss for Rimmel called, “Rossetto Dark Plum.” I highly recommend it!

Also, don’t be afraid to add printed accessories. Mixing prints does not only pertain to layering tops, but it could also be with your bottoms or accessories, and in my case a bag. This summer I worked 70-100 hours a week and to reward myself I splurged on a Louis Vuitton from Fashionphile. I admit it was more than I would ever imagine paying for a bag, but in contrast to what it normally would have cost, it was a fantastic bargain. I think its important to reward yourself for hard work and with things that have stong sentimental value. For me, I’ve always wanted a classic luxury bag and I had also wanted to treat myself for working so hard to follow my dreams of pursuing a career in fashion. Everytime I wear my bag I can’t help but smile and be reminded that hard work does  pay off.

What pieces do you invest in and why?


Top- Forever 21

Flannel- Gap (similar)

Shorts- Urban Outfitters

Tights- Forever 21

Boots- Steve Madden

Bag- Louis Vuitton


Blog Signature Hannah


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