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We chose the name The Fashion Cookbook because we believe style is made up of many intricate ingredients - such as lifestyle, values, and career - and accented by unique flavors like a pinch of sass, a teaspoon of whimsy, and a dash of glamour.

Rain or Shine: Hunter Boots

December 8, 2014

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Hunter boots

Sweater- Laura Scott (thrifted)

 Jeans- New York and Company (similar)

Puffer Vest- Lands Ends (thrifted)

 Bracelet- c/o Kluster

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Magenta

Lip color- Melted Fuchsia by Too Faced 

Happy Monday my loves!

I bought my pair of Hunter boots this Fall and I have to say that they have proved to be a worthy purchase. First of all, they actually make me excited to dress for a rainy day. That, and I have been be able to wear them with other outfits for even when it is not rainy (like today for instance). I chose to buy a bright-colored pair specifically because I wanted to wear something with pop on those wet and weary days. If you are interested in investing if a pair you can buy them here, here, and here.


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Spotlight Series: Fashion in the Family

December 6, 2014


With it being the holiday season, I wanted to share some special moments of my time home with you. I’d like to take a moment to spotlight the men of my family, and have them share their experiences with fashion. Although The Fashion Cookbook tends to focus on women’s fashion, we want to expand to showcasing fashion is for everyone. To start, I looked to the help of my brother and father to share about their personal style and what they think about when they get dressed.


Name: Camden Martin

School: Unity College

Occupation: Student ambassador for Unity College Admissions & Customer Service Representative for Argo Marketing

Interests: World culture, languages, politics, wildlife, and history

Favorite stores: H&M, Jules, Zara, and Goodwill


Camden’s Outfit Ingredients 

Vest- Forever 21

Sweater- thrifted

 Jeans-American Eagle

 Collared t-shirt-H&M



What has contributed to your sense of personal style?

In high school I studied abroad in France and I would say my time in Europe was the most influential in developing my personal style. In general people like to dress well in France. Europeans as a rule of thumb like to put their body “en valeur” therefore they find accommodating clothes. Everyone also has their personal tastes. I like to apply this ideology to my clothes.

Two people have been very influential in shaping my style: my sister Hannah and my girlfriend Mirabelle Barbier. Hannah of course as my sister overtime helped me make some positive changes in my wardrobe, such as how to dress with more confidence. Mirabelle being French of course showed me which kinds of clothes looked best on me. I always like to check in with them when shopping, but now I overall have more confidence in my choices.

How would you define your personal style?

I would define my style as southern European.

Any tips for dressing in winter?

I would say dressing warm, but simple is always good.


Name: Paul Martin

Occupation: Child Welfare social worker professional for the State of Maine


-Listening to Jazz, funk, and soul music. Simply love and am addicted to Jeff Lorber from his very beginning to now.

-Learning to play bass (used to play woodwinds before I suffered from a couple of brain tumors that ruined ability to play due to facial paralysis).

-Dressing classic salmon flies, collecting the materials to dress them from around the world

-Bible study, meeting with friends to share a love of Christ and to get and share support to live more successful daily lives

-Watching movies with family

-Sitting by a warm wood stove fire counting my many blessings, enjoying great and fun times with family and friends

 Favorite Quote:

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”


 Paul’s Outfit Ingredients

Thick cotton shirt- Eddie Bauer (Note: from the “90’s” with purposefully frayed color to balance old and new “dress” -rather than “fashion”)

Cargo pants- Duluth cotton

Leather chukka boots- LL Bean

Rings- vintage Native American Bisbee Mine turquoise sky blue, modern (Chick Aldridge, Albuquerque N. Mexico, and Number Eight Mine turquoise

Bow tie- made by Leianarei via Goodwill


Where do you like to shop in general?

T J Maxx, obviously Goodwill, occasionally at LL Bean and Territory Ahead

How has your style developed, as you’ve gotten older?

More and more, I find what I like to wear absolutely has to feel good on my body…thick cotton and only cotton, leather, with ties and bow ties that can be made of artificial materials.  At this stage of my life, I will only wear what I think I like wearing, whether anyone else likes it or not.  If I feel good in the clothes I’m wearing, then I am the only one that I need to please.  For some reason, baggy, loose fitting are important to me.  There are certain colors I look for too…. mostly plain one color pieces of clothes.  I love boots and heavy leather shoes too.

Can you attribute your change in style to anything?  

Many, many years ago, when I was working a laborer job while waiting for one that suited my college degree, I was having to wear work clothes for a specific job I had working on building a new City music and dance facility.  Each day, the engineer would come on the job to check on our progress.  Each time he wore such nice, clean, crisp clothing, bow tie or regular ties, clean and stand out shoes, clean and stand out shirts, etc.  Each day he passed me wearing stained, sometimes ripped clothing.  Right then and there I promised myself that when I was successful at getting a career I would dress in ways I preferred, and in ways that would remind me of the opportunity I had been given to get an education and to even have a career.  Even now, the turquoise I wear reminds me of the open blue skies I spend so many hard working hours waiting to return home from work.  Those blue skies were what reminded me of having “a greater purpose,” to have faith that things would turn around for me.

What are your winter essentials? 

Warm, yet comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes and boots, several beanies of different colors and style (that all remind me of the great joy I had listening to Joe Zawinul and Weather Report)


I want to thank Camden and my dad (Papa bear) for helping me with this post. Your words resonate with me as I realize how much our clothing and style speaks about us. It is only the first layer though, once you realize the significance of the pieces (whether it be to remind yourself of your travels or to prove to yourself status and hard work) it is hard to think of fashion in terms of designers or price, but what clothing can say about your life story.


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The Puffer Vest & Flannel Shirt

December 4, 2014



Puffer vest- Land’s End (thrifted)

Flannel top- American Eagle

Skirt- H&M

Tights- Hue

Boots- Nine West (similar)

I want you take a moment and think about your closest and what items you get the most wear out of. Is it your dark wash skinny jeans, a basic gray t-shirt, or is it in reality a comfy pair of black leggings? Whatever your answer, there is no judgment. I ask this because it is important to remember that certain items are more versatile, and in the case of the black leggings, also the most comfortable. This holiday season, why not buy items with intention? Buy items you know you are going to wear more often (and seriously there is nothing wrong with leggings if that is what you feel most comfortable in). I bring up buying with intention because Black Friday was just short of a week ago, and so many of us bought clothes just to buy clothes. Sure if you have the money, do what you want, but what are you really getting out of it?

Shop Local

Did you know that if each of us spent $100 a year more on local businesses instead of chain stores, it would add an extra $3 Million a year into the economy? Not only that, but local buying would create thousands of additional jobs every year. Not to mention, shopping for clothing in thrift stores helps the environment exponentially. I’m not saying I do this myself all that much (I did take advantage of some Cyber Monday sales), but it’s something to consider and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the blog.

The Flannel Shirt

As for choosing items that have staying power, I wanted to mention this season’s most talked about items: the puffer vest & flannel. The puffer vest is recently gaining momentum on the blogosphere, but has always been worn for both fall and winter. The flannel on the other hand, is really always in season. You can wear a flannel shirt with a puffer vest (like I did),with a shaggy fur vest for the colder seasons, layer a cable knit sweater over it, or simply wear it with jeans and boots. It’s a staple piece must!

The Puffer Vest

I had been on the hunt for a puffer vest for a while now and all the ones I found were mostly around $100 or so. That doesn’t always work on a budget, so I suggest thrifting for one. That’s what I did, and I absolutely adore mine! Plus it was $5 at Goodwill. I love me some designers, but here at The Fashion Cookbook, we want to remind you that fashion is not about the money you spend on the clothing, but is about wearing what you feel most comfortable in and expressing yourself.

Happy Friday!


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Fighting the Common Cold With Style

December 1, 2014

fulloutfitblackandyellow blackandyellow closeupralphlauren


Hello Beauties,

I’m sending you love from my little cocoon of sickness! All of that hard work and persistence mixed with crazy weather and sprinkled with not so healthy eating turned into a recipe for the common cold – although really it probably had more to do with a sick (but lovable) four year old little sister of mine. Anyway, just wanted to share a quick and very casual outfit of the day with all of  you. I have to stress what a little red lipstick can do to change your whole look!

Also, here are some little things I’ve been doing to battle this icky cold, that I thought to share with all of you.

1. Hot Cocoa With Cinnamon & Turmeric = Delicious & Immune Boosting

2. Elderberry – Cough Syrup or Tablets. They are tart and delicious and have long been known for their medicinal properties.

3. Turkey Broth Soup with extra garlic & extra lemon (c/o my wonderful mother and her amazing cooking skills).


Leather Jacket – Marc Jacobs

Turtleneck – Banana Republic (Similar Style)

Shorts – TJ Maxx (Similar Style)

Tights – Express

Loafers – Target (Similar Style)

Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren

Bag – Target

Nails – Essie “Bikini So Teeny”

Stay healthy, confident, and beautiful (inside & out)!


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