Our mission is to find style and beauty solutions for you through a holistic and educational approach. We’ll work with you to develop your personal style and unleash your inner beauty and confidence by creating personalized fashion recipes fit for your lifestyle.

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Ready for a change?
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Check out our four packages below.


Discovering Your Personal Style: Wardrobe Refresh
We’re here to help you infuse more of your radiant personality into your wardrobe!

1. We believe fashion is personal, so we’d really like to get to know you, your values, lifestyle, needs, and goals and begin to explore and develop your personal style during our hour long initial consultation

2. Next we want to get into your closet! We want to see your favorite pieces, help you find any hidden gems, and begin crafting a list of essential pieces you’ll need to spice up your wardrobe.

3. Using what we’ve learned about you through the consultation and trip to your closet we’ll start crafting your virtual fashion cookbook. We’ll use Pinterest and Polyvore to put together outfit ideas that embody you and your personal style.

4. Then the real fun begins! We’ll take you on a two hour long shopping trip where you can try on fun and fresh pieces that help you define your personal style. Based on your predetermined budget we will help you choose outfits that get you excited about getting dressed again.

5. We’ll put together tips and tricks, plenty of outfit inspiration, and helpful resources to complete your very own fashion cookbook.



Cheers to You! Special Occasion Styling
Look and feel as special as you are at your next special occasion

1. We begin with an hour long consultation where we can get to know each other and get excited about your big event. We’ll discuss your personal style and beauty goals to create a vision that will have you glowing on the big day.

2.Next we will start putting together your special occasion fashion cookbook using Pinterest and Polyvore to show you outfit inspiration for your big event.

3. We’ll help you bring your vision to life on our two hour long shopping trip. As you try on our pre selected options we’ll get you excited about your event and teach you tips and tricks along the way.

4. We’ll scour about for the best resources – from body dressing guides to fashion emergency tips and tricks – to add to your fashion cookbook so you’ll feel confident and empowered to take on your big event and many more to come.

For an additional charge of $50 we’ll help you select a makeup look and hairstyle that best celebrates you!



Powerful and Polished: Career Styling
Take the workplace by storm with a career ready look that commands respect and expresses your personal style.

1. During our initial one hour long consultation we’ll discuss your personal, professional, and style goals along with your lifestyle needs to create a vision for your perfect fashionable and workplace appropriate look.

2. Next we’ll start putting together your career ready fashion cookbook using Pinterest and Polyvore to show you outfit inspiration for your work week.

3. We’ll head out to shop for new versatile pieces that you can incorporate into your workday wardrobe and help you put together outfits that can be easily mixed and matched. In two hours we’ll have you dressing for success.

4. We will complete your personalized career ready fashion cookbook with tips and tricks on style, beauty, and even body language. Consider this your training manual for all things work fashion related!

For an additional charge of $50 we’ll help you select a makeup look and hairstyle that will help you put your best face forward as you climb to new professional heights.

Start from Scratch: Your Total Transformation
A head to toe transformation that lets the real you shine through. Together we’ll create your very own fashion cookbook to address all of your needs from home to work and off to play.

1. First, we begin with an hour long consultation where we get to know you, your personal style goals, and how your style and beauty needs fit into your lifestyle. This is the first step in us getting to know you in order to create an action plan that’s perfect for you.

2. Next, we’ll take a trip to your closet and sort through your best pieces. This is your chance to show us your favorite looks, your weekly wardrobe, and any questionable pieces. We can help you not only to declutter but we’ll also show you how to make the best out of your current wardrobe. Consider it the most productive three hours you’ve ever spent in your closet!

3. Let us shop till we drop for you! We’ll shop within your budget to meet your style goals and needs based on our wardrobe analysis and consultation. When you arrive at our chosen location you’ll find outfits for work, home, and play waiting for you in the fitting room so all you have to focus on is trying things on, asking questions, and most importantly having fun. We focus on making this three hour shopping experience effortless for you while also teaching you how to put together and mix and match pieces to suit your body, style, and needs.

4. We will be creating your very own personalized fashion cookbook, using Pinterest and Polyvore, to show you how to mix and match your new pieces, accessorize, and provide you with tips, tutorials, and other resources that you can refer back to long after our consultation.

5. No transformation is complete without hair and makeup! So we’ll sit down for an hour long consultation to discuss your hair and beauty needs. Together, we’ll decide on makeup looks for work, home, and play and choose the hairstyle that best complements your features and personality. We’ll add hair and makeup looks and tutorials to complete your virtual fashion cookbook.

6. Prepare for a day of pampering! We’ll commence the total transformation with a trip to the salon where you will work with a hair stylist and makeup artist to bring your new look to life.

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