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March 23, 2016

We are excited to welcome Laura Campbell, our PR intern to the blog today! Laura helps us with building our brand partnerships and with other strategic digital marketing initiatives and promotional campaigns. We are very glad to have her on our team and to have her contribute not only her PR skills, but also her wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy living. This past weekend we met up with her to work on a few upcoming projects, and also to try out her favorite juice spot. We hope you enjoy her first contribution to the blog! -Hannah and Patricialaura1Seven years ago, I stumbled across a section of  the internet, that I immediately felt drawn to. While most parents are concerned about what their oh so young and vulnerable kids are setting their eyes on, I was immersed in a world of YouTubers and bloggers who were all sharing their authentic stories and passion for health and wellness. I found an interest, which quickly turned into a passion, and then a lifestyle.laura2 laura4While this interest followed me through high school, it really became a part of who I was in college. Eating mindfully, and eating what my body ia telling me to eat, versus just eating what I want, is ingrained into my everyday routine. I eat as unprocessed, as I can. Living this way not only makes me happy, but has given me the most confidence I’ve ever had and that’s something I’m proud of.

The unfortunate part of what follows this passion is the backlash or teasing that sometimes comes along with it. Yes, I eat an insane amount of fruit and vegetables, worship oatmeal, and sprinkle seeds on my food. What people sometimes don’t understand, is that by living this way doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy food. I have a self-proclaimed professional sweet tooth: I eat chocolate everyday, and have a serious obsession with maple syrup (like the REAL stuff-Vermont made baby). laura5 My biggest piece of advice when dealing with skeptics is to share your experience with them. So often backlash comes from a place of unknowing and nervousness to explore.This weekend Hannah, Patricia, and I ventured to Jugos for an early breakfast. About a year ago this cafe immediately became my one of my all time favorites in Boston. After one bite of their Sao Paolo acai bowl, you will fall madly in love. laura7 laura8 laura9 This hidden gem is tucked into the corner of Back Bay station on Dartmouth Street. Their menu ranges from, acai bowls, to batidos (smoothies), to comida (avocado toast, oatmeal, you get the jist). But what sets this cafe apart is the beauty that is produced through their food. The colors, ingredients, and flavors can make any “doubter” change their mind. Places like Jugos make the idea that unprocessed, whole foods is not just a “trend” or “gross”. Patricia tried the Sao Paolo bowl after my recommendation, and agreed within seconds that it was like eating chocolate ice cream for breakfast. laura10 laura11

Outfit Ingredients:

Vegan Leather Jacket-Lulu’s

Leggings- Bombshell Sportswear



laura13Taking care of your body comes in many forms and manifests differently in every person. I still get teased about eating kale, wrapping my burgers in lettuce instead of a bun, and making pudding out of avocados, but I am happier than I have been in a long time, and that’s what really matters. So, you drink that green smoothie proudly girl, because you’re the shit, and you’re worth it. laura14



Our PR intern


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