Earthly Goddess

May 30, 2016

This post was written by our newest FC team member, Victoria Cyzewski, our wellness contributor.earthlygoddessWe are the threads of the Divine that run through the monotony of earthly living. We are the women who seek breath, expansion, a higher life of ourselves. We are the women whose souls speak through our human voices.

We are Earthly Goddesses.earthlygoddess2 earthlygoddess4 copy earthlygoddess3 copystunninghannahhannahwatergoddess hannahcox

Within us, there is a deep and nagging feeling; A rock, a sun, that centers us and connects us with our high-flying soul. This feeling runs effortlessly through our bloodstream. It is more comforting than a calling. It is not a voice that seeks to pull us out of our current state but rather, a gentle whisper, ever-presently reminding us of our truth within.

And that truth is that our bodies seek to sway with the movement and grace of the ocean. Our lungs ask to breath in the starry night sky.  Our feet beg to to be devoured by the dirt and sand.  Our skin requires the light of the moon to glow at its maximum capacity. The trees remind us of the power we posses by owning our presence, our magnitude, our radiance.  We want to howl at the moon and dance with the wind. We have the heart of a child yet the spirit of a warrior.

Us Earthly Goddesses are called higher. We are called deeper. The material characteristics of this human life we lead have never and will never satisfy our souls. Though our bodies are of this human experience, they are merely a suit of clothes. The real thriving being within us is our goddess soul.

Special thanks to Hannah Cox for modeling ♥



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