Yes, You Too Can Be a Creative

June 2, 2016


Hi, I’m Patricia and I’m a type A perfectionist. I work at an insurance company by day and graduated with my MBA. I’m the opposite of what you’d call a “creative” type. So you can imagine what happened when I started blogging. I corrected every comma. Seriously, every single comma. I’d type up a sentence…delete it…continue typing…look up a synonym on google…take a break from banging my head against the computer…and so the saga continued. I’m sure you’re wondering how often that has happening in this post, aren’t you? Well, I’m not telling.


Anyway, then I got this fancy DSLR (Hannah’s camera) and became obsessed with beautiful photography. But also completely and utterly frustrated at the quality of my photography. The worst part was that I didn’t even know where to begin with manual mode and don’t even get me started on photo editing. I would spend countless hours staring at the computer screen trying to figure out the exact brightness and contrast of each photo. I’d often think to myself, I am just not cut out for this creative stuff. Let me go back to my spreadsheets and emails and call it a day.


But I’m persistent so I just kept playing with this thing until finally by sheer trial and error I started getting half decent pictures. Still, I was dissatisfied. And that’s when my lovely friends Nina and Alicia at Bluefly Lens were all like, “hey we’ll teach you!” It pays to have equally talented and generous friends. They put me through a super fun crash course in all things photography – aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition… you name it. And guess what? We got some pretty cool pictures out of it too. In fact, the photos in this blog post were shot by Hannah with direction from Nina and Alicia and I’m OBSESSED.

greenbooties longbob naturalmakeuplook slipdress2

So moral of the story is this – don’t count yourself out. Of anything. While no one is good at everything and we all have our strengths and weaknesses this doesn’t mean you can’t develop new skills and pick up new passions. Be teachable and accept the fact that you may frankly suck at it to start. However, if you love it and stick with it you can achieve your goals (it helps to have supportive friends too).

So go on you type As get crazy and never forget that your type “a-ness” is a gift and you too can be a creative.

P.S. I’m currently rocking caramel highlights and natural curls – I definitely owe you all an update so stay tuned. Thank you for your continued patience and support! xoxo

Special thank you to my friends and amazing photographers at Bluefly Lens and M. Pope Jewelers for that gorgeous bracelet!



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