Coffee Talk: Healing Starts From Within

January 24, 2017

coffeetalkIt’s no secret that I’ve been exploring issues of self and finding ways to live a truly purposeful life. That being said the journey has not always been an easy one and more recently it has felt as though I’ve had more bumps along the road than successes. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression over the years, I’ve explored many ways to find inner peace, whether that be through my relationship with God, becoming more spiritual, speaking to a therapist, taking medication, and even through self-care. Through everything though I’ve found that at the core it is your diet, lifestyle, and your relationship with your own self that has the greatest impact on your ability to heal yourself.simplicity2foragemarketforagemarket3You are what you eat.

The things that we eat can either be immensely supportive to our bodies or they can completely derail them. A diet that consists mainly of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, raw or sprouted seeds and nuts and gluten-free grains strengthen and purify our systems, whereas sugar and grains lead to digestion and immune issues (and so much more). It’s important to remember that the right food can be medicine for your body.

Lately, I’ve been working hard to eat more plant-based and shop locally as much as possible. Not only is it important to buy organic so that you are not getting pesticides in your food, but it is also important to be conscious of where your food is coming from (although it’s not always an option depending on your situation.) I’ve been trying to forgo stopping at Starbucks to instead support local businesses, such as going to Forage Market- a wood-fired bakery and market located in the heart of my town.coffeesimplicitycoffeecoffeeTake care of your body, and it will take care of you.

For most of us when we get busy the first thing to let go of is our workout regime, that, and ultimately taking care of our body altogether. When we feel pulled in different directions the last thing we prioritize is ourselves. Trust me I’m the biggest culprit of this. However, I’m learning that the body will stay strongest when it is not continually in fight-or-flight mode. Chronic stress exhausts our body and ultimately leaves us worse off, so embracing activities like meditation, exercise, and time in nature will profoundly calm us and put us into an optimal space for healing. Start with just five minutes a day here or there. Studies show that feeling calmer will also improve your relationships, your perspective, and your emotional intelligence.foragemarket5 foragemarket4fryebootsYou are what you think.

What’s crazy and surreal to me is how much our own minds are what can hold us back the most. Lately I’ve been experiencing more negative emotional and mental patterns, and as a result, I’ve been held captive to feeling low and hopeless. With the help of loved ones and spiritual and therapeutic exercises, I’m working to clear these patterns and experience more happiness. I’ve discovered that yoga and meditation are great ways to help develop a more gentle approach to your own self. Starting your day with even a simple mantra can also be so incredibly helpful.

What it comes down to is that you alone have the ability to make your body and thoughts stronger, and therefore your life experience a more positive one.foragemarket2simpleWhat are some ways you’ve experienced self-healing? I’d love to learn what has helped other people. It’s during times of great difficulty that I think we must come together and be more vulnerable with our struggles. Trust me I have as much to learn from you as you have to learn from me.

All my love,

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