Meditation for Depression

August 5, 2016

I can speak from experience in saying that the worst kind of depression is the kind that is brought on by absolutely nothing. No external events, circumstances or outcomes caused the heaviness you suddenly start to feel in your extremities. Unwarranted depressive states are paralyzing. It feels like you’re walking through a swamp with no visible way out. But even more frightening, you have no desire to find a way out.

When negative energies get built up in the mental body, they start to take up space in the physical body. And with us being earthly creatures, we have no sense of how to move this energy. It stays stagnant and only continues its massive build and depression becomes our norm. We have no idea how to transmute this energy into bliss, joy, radiance.

Meditation is the connection to the spiritual being within, to access the physical body, to move this stuck and damaging energy. My preferred form of meditation for relieving depression, is Kundalini meditations. Kundalini is a term for a primal energy, a shakti, that is mostly untouched residing in a coil at the base of the spine. Kundalini yoga is the practice of using breath, meditation, and poses to move the kundalini energy through all your chakras and up to your brain both releasing the kundalini energy, and stimulating your nervous system and body.  meditationforyoga meditationforyoga2The first exercise I turn to regularly is a Breath of Fire exercise.

Breath of fire is a fast breath where you pulse the diaphragm towards your spine on the exhale rapidly. Breath of fire should not be done by any ladies on their moon cycle or who are pregnant. Just take long deep breaths instead.

In this exercise, sit cross legged, with your right and left arms parallel to the ground at your heart center, with the right hand on top of the left, palms down. Pulse your arms down towards your navel on your exhale, and back up to your heart center in your inhale, as you do breath of fire through an “O” mouth breath.

This is my personal favorite for loosening up the energy in the heart space, so it can be moved and transformed further through your practice.

Do this for 3-6 minutesyogafordepression2The second exercise is called Fists of Anger.

Sit cross legged with your hands in fists, and your thumbs resting on top of your other four fingers. Move the arms in a backwards circular motion behind the head on each exhale, one at a time right after another, using the same fast pace and “O” mouth breath of fire from the previous exercise.

This exercise is for clearing and  rewriting your arcline. Your arcline deals with your karmic abundance. It is the transmitter that sends out your different energies and frequencies from your aura. Your arcline is earlobe to earlobe in men and women, and also nipple to nipple in only women. It is the place where negative thought patterns and imprints from unhealthy experiences occupy space, and are projected back into the universe as your energy field. Clearing your arcline and rewriting negative past experiences and imprints, creates a new slate of love, bliss, wealth, and ease in what you give out to the universe, and in what it has to give back to you.

Do this for 3-6 minutesyogafordepressionThe last exercise is done in child’s pose.

With your feet together and your knees apart, lay your front body over your knees, sit back on your heels, and rest the hands extending from the crown of your head in a prayer position. Allow long deep breaths to move from your lower belly, to the crown of your head, all the way back down the body and out the root chakra. Feel the buzzing of your cells and your nervous system awake, vibrant, and changed. Feel a diamond white light at your third eye chakra and at the heart chakra, opening you up to receiving even more comforting, quiet light. Let the breath moving through your body, ground you and anchor you to mother earth. Feel the trust and reverence for the universe you now have within your clean state.

Do this for 3 minutes



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