Life Lessons: Turning 21

August 2, 2016

lifelessons1I remember visiting my mom’s high school when I was about seven years old. We stood in the cafeteria surrounded by girls who currently attended the school. I just remember staring in awe at these older girls wearing socks with their Birkenstocks, and ponytails with thick headbands. I kept thinking to myself, when I’m that age, life is going to be so goddamn amazing. Well, reality check, those girls were probably sixteen and  sixteen ended up being one heck of an awkward year. I didn’t own Birkenstocks, and thick headbands did nothing for me. But it turns out 20 going on 21 feels pretty goddamn amazing. Not just because I can (finally) order a glass of wine with dinner, but because I feel like my life is starting to come together, but only sort of.

flowerslaura  converselifelessons3Twenty One things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Don’t settle, but stay humble.
  2. Put yourself first. When I wake up in the morning, I try take 30 minutes completely to myself before I workout, sometimes it’s completely dedicated to coffee, but it’s my time and by doing this I have learned to put myself first.
  3. Unplug.
  4. Food is amazing. Add avocado to everything; only ever use real maple syrup; chocolate may just be a miracle of life; and yes, salads can infact be life changing.
  5. I have never felt more confused, happy, stressed, or excited than at the age I am right now, and I am slowly learning that feeling might never go away.
  6. Its totally ok to cry, I sob sometimes. Big frame sunglasses go a long way.
  7. Spicy cocktails are legit. Throw some jalepenos in that shit.
  8. “In my mind I am crazy, crazy about the right things. Crazy about the things that could change my life and honestly if you ain’t crazy about something, I can’t rock with you. So at the end of the day man, get crazy about something.” -BJ The Chicago Kid
  9. Know how to be by yourself, with yourself. Even if you’re in a relationship, if you can’t spend time with yourself, then spending time with others is never going to work out.
  10. Wine>Beer
  11. That trendy shirt that says “The future is female.”…it couldn’t be more correct.
  12. Go with your gut. Mine has a crap ton of issues but somehow it’s always right.
  13. School is (sometimes) overrated. If you have drive, and work towards something you’re truly passionate about, it can happen. It may take a little longer, but you can do it.
  14. Music heals. (Particularly the French Cuisine playlist on Spotify)
  15. Dont combat negativity with more negativity, try to combat it with positivity. I deal with this on a daily basis, it’s hard and I continually am working at it, but it works.
  16. Wear your damn sunscreen. Your mother was right.
  17. Have conversations that make you uncomfortable, most likely they’re uncomfortable because they are needed.
  18. Don’t wait to travel. A couple months ago I booked a flight to Bali. To be honest I’m scared shitless, but ya know what? I’ve always wanted to go, and I’m doing it.
  19. Put your health first, because you deserve it.
  20. Eat that piece of cake, and definitely have seconds.
  21. Make people feel just as special on their birthday, as they do on yours.

lifelessons lifelessons2Outfit Ingredients

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