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March 10, 2016

Today we would like to introduce a very special person to the blog… Her name is Annabelle Merlin and she is our newest social media intern! We mentioned before that we had some very exciting things we are working on and one of those things is that we are growing the Fashion Cookbook team. Our most recent hires are two college students, Annabelle and Laura Campbell (you’ll meet Laura soon). As our social media intern, Annabelle works hard to help maintain our social channels and work to produce engaging content. This is a really exciting time for us and learning to manage a team has been very enlightening. We love that we are bringing in new perspectives and unique voices. We hope you enjoy her first written piece! Hannah and Patricia

bohoIf your world revolves around fashion, like mine does, then you must have heard of the recent “less is more” trend that has been taking over. In simple terms, minimalism is “a style that uses pared-down design elements” that originally arose in art and music. Its definition is somewhat similar in the world of fashion, defining itself by neutral tones, simple pieces of clothing, and minimal amounts of jewelry. Minimalism is however not just a fashion trend, but a lifestyle. Millennials everywhere are taking over this trend, and with just one quick look at minimalist icon @LaurenElizabeth’s Instagram, it is clear why minimalism is so appealing. It’s clean, modern, simple, but still chic.bohohat I was drawn to minimalism when I noticed that many of my fashion icons, the people whose Instagrams I go to for daily fashion inspiration, were diverting from wild, colorful, patterned pieces and were opting for more simple outfits. That’s simply what minimalism is: it’s easy to dress minimalist, and minimalist style entails a clutter-free, stress-free lifestyle.bomberjacketIf you like minimalist style but aren’t sure about how to incorporate it more into your wardrobe, look no further. There isn’t only way to dress minimalist: whether you prefer a more feminine look, you like to dress casually, or you are aiming to stay work-appropriate, there is a way to incorporate minimalism into any type of style. I personally have an ever changing style so one day I want to keep it casual, but the next day I’m going for a more edgy vibe, but I always find it easy to incorporate minimalism into whatever outfit it is that I choose. minamlist3 Mastering the minimalist look is all about keeping things simple while keeping your look chic. This can be hard because sometimes I find myself putting together a very simple outfit, but then I end up looking like I spent 0.3 seconds throwing together a sub-par outfit. What I like to do is pick one main thing that I want to be the focal point and the other parts of the outfit are just “accessories”. So if I have a new sweater that I’ve been dying to wear and I want that to be the main thing people notice, then I’ll pair that with some dark jeans and plain sneakers. minimalist2 simpletee My favorite part about dressing minimalist is that you get so much more use out of pieces of clothing. So if you have a really brightly colored pair of pants that you can only wear with one specific shirt without making your outfit look over the top, are the pants really worth having if you can’t wear them with anything else? This is a really important question to ask yourself while shopping: if you find something you like but you’re kind of on the fence about buying it, ask yourself if you can pair with at least 3 other things in your wardrobe. The main benefit of dressing minimalist is that you can create tons of outfits from just a few staple clothing pieces. There’s also more room for creativity in minimalism. You can take a few basic pieces and pair them up in a way that makes your outfit to die for. Not only will your wardrobe be free of clutter and unnecessary clothes, but it’s also easier to travel when you only need 10 pieces for 20 different outfits.chunkyblackboots

Like I said before, it’s important to have staple pieces in your minimalist wardrobe. If you’re not sure what “staples” are, think timeless pieces, and versatile pieces that you can wear with almost any outfit. Some of my favorite staples include:

-Bomber jacket

-Ripped jeans

-Dark high waisted jeans

-Oversized sweater

-Neutral toned t-shirt (several)

-Black ankle booties


-Leather jackets

Special thank you to Poppy Nova for the crochet cup cozy and macrame wall hanging, M. Pope & Co Fine Jewelers for the studded bangle, and our lovely photographer friends at Blue Fly Lens for a fun, insightful, & inspiring photography class – we couldn’t have brought this post to life without you. 



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