Spring Forward

April 30, 2016

spring3Spring, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful times of the year. There’s something fundamentally inspiring of the rebirth process- watching flowers sprout from a cold and hardened ground and blossom into something incredible. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of starting over and doing so in such a raw manner. Although the actual start of spring begins on March 20th, living in New England it can feel like the new season does not start till late April because of all the snow and chilly weather.spring1For as many years as I can remember, I’ve had a difficult time in April. It’s always been the month that school begins to wrap up and I think my seasonal depression has almost always reached its breaking point. My body, both physically and mentally, is itching for a new start. So many people use this time to clean their home and enter the new season feeling more centered. As an image consultant, I definitely see the need for this and urge clients to assess which pieces in their wardrobe no longer serve a purpose. Just as we desire to clean our homes, inside our hearts we desire to cleanse our souls. Instead of merely focusing on scrubbing floors and purging our closest, we should also take time to clean and renew our inner person. For our souls are yearning to purge the bad to make room for the good. spring6springkatespade spring2

Similar to how daunting a deep clean can be, approaching a new way of thinking can also be overwhelming.

Begin by taking these steps:

  1. Breathe. No matter what happens in these next few months you do have control over how you interpret your experiences and how you move forward. By choosing to be mindful you are able to get rid of the yuck that has been weighing you down and finally get the fresh start you deserve.
  1. Lay it all out. Similar to how we would go through your closet looking at all your clothing, take time to step back and look at what needs work in your life. Where do you feel messy, dirty, and overwhelmed? What doesn’t fit you anymore? What behaviors and thought patterns have you outgrown?
  1. Sort through your life. Now that you’ve addressed areas in your life you wish to improve on and let go of, it’s time to work on changing your mindset. Select a good motivational book and read for understanding and growth. Set aside a quiet time in a quiet place for reading and meditation. Go inside yourself and listen to the messages you find there. I’ve been using my daily commute to listen to audiobooks and podcasts to begin and end my day. I highly suggest “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson.
  1. Understand yourself. Now that you’ve learned more about yourself and why you do certain things or think the way you do, it’s time to let go of these negative feelings. Do to this by listening to how your body reacts as you name each negative part of your life you wish to strip away. Write down what you are experiencing as you move through this renewal experience. Keep a journal, jot down notes on your phone, do whatever you need to do to somehow record your thoughts and feelings are you change and grow. Share these observations with a trusted a friend or mentor.
  1. Let it go. Let go of the negative feelings. Set the emotion free and release yourself from its grip. Find your own way to do this. Perhaps it will be writing it down and watching that piece of paper burn. Do whatever will be symbolic and meaningful – something that you can remember and return to, if that negative feeling comes again to haunt you some time in the future.
  1. Open new doors. Now that you’ve parted with these negative feelings and behaviors, it’s time to open new doors. Visualize the opportunities ahead of you and welcome what may come your way. You now have so much more room in the closet of your mind. You are now ready to accept new possibilities and have a better appreciation of your life.

I hope in some way these words helped encourage you or lifted you up in spirit. As someone who battles depression and anxiety, taking the time to reflect and make positive changes is so liberating. I pray you also find strength in this process.

springsandals spring4 springoutfitOutfit Ingredients:

Top- Sienna Sky via TJ Maxx

Jeans- Loft

Jacket- Loft

Sandals- BCBG max azria

Necklace- Kendra Scott

Bracelets- Alex and Ani

Crossbody bag- Kate Spadespring5




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