Shattering Stereotypes in Men’s Fashion

January 25, 2016



I’ve been thinking about superheroes lately, perhaps because I keep seeing previews for the new Batman v. Superman movie (which looks pretty awesome). So as I sat down to write part one of this two part series where I introduce you to my lovely fiancé, Zachary, the theme for this blog series came to life.

I want to talk about dichotomy in fashion, or more simply put – how to harmoniously embrace opposing style identities.

I have often seen people struggle to embrace  their multiple style personas, whether it be reconciling their more modest work self with their daring weekend self or feeling comfortable with combining various styles into one look.

These individuals get excited about unexpected style combinations – a pair of sneakers with a flouncy skirt, or a bow tie with a casual look – but shy away from incorporating them into their own wardrobe.

Why? Well my personal take is that they are influenced by another group of people – the naysayers. I’ll preface this by saying that these are often well meaning individuals, however they’ve fallen prey to the popular misconception that style identities come in neatly packaged one to two word boxes. 

You can be hippie chic or minimalist.

You can be preppy or urban.

But never both. 

I say that’s bologna. Pardon my use of a cliche but I firmly believe expressing your personal style is grounds for playing dress up everyday. Embracing different style identities, whether as part of one look or on a day to day basis, does not make you a fraud. Whether you’re Clark Kent or Superman – wearing a cape or geeky chic frames – embrace every facet of you and don’t allow yourself to be defined, or worse, simplified.

Heck, be Batman by day and Superman by night if life will be more fun that way.

If there’s anyone I know who embodies expressing your personal style to the fullest it’s Zachary. He approaches style with a daring twinkle in his eye, exploring cuts, colors, and a myriad of different styles that others would never dare.

He’s 5’8” 220 pounds and a pro powerlifter.

But the fact that he practically lives in the gym has never stopped him from fostering his first love for fashion. He’s known on Instagram not only for his work ethic and dedication in the gym but for his dynamic and bold patterned leggings – think tetris, rockets, and even the poop emoji.

But boy does he clean up nicely. His collection of bowties is only rivaled by his collection of shoes – which include limited edition sneakers and various dress shoes.

His personal style is certainly not easily defined and that’s exactly what he’s going for – that and shattering stereotypes at every turn. 




Dream: Powerlifting

Favorite stores: Zara, Apolis, Diesel


Words to Live By:

“If it is for the sake of my pride there is nothing I won’t destroy.” – Byakuya Kuchiki



Jacket: Apolis

Pocket Square: Apolis

Polo: Zara

Bowtie: Brooks Brothers

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: CNS (Brazilian brand)

Socks: Ralph Lauren

Watch: Burberry



Blog Signature Patricia

+ Zachary


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