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November 20, 2015

Today Sadie (our newest freelance contributor) and I bring you back to a long weekend we spent in Fort Kent, Maine this past October. I had been invited to my older brother’s annual barn dance that weekend and I ended up renting a cabin close by with Sadie and our other best friend Melissa. Together, we partnered with Free People to create beautiful imagery to mirror the stunning northern Maine setting. We hope you enjoy reliving this magical weekend just as much as we have…♥

Sadie is up first sharing about her experience:

DSC_0673 (1)

Being from Maine can mean very different things depending on what county you’re from. That’s why a Fort Kent weekend cabin trip had me unaware of what to expect; I was home, but just in an undiscovered part of it.DSC_0668

The first photographs Hannah and I set out to capture once we arrived at our cabin escape were taken in the lovely mid-morning sunlight. The air was freezing but the presence of the farm animals and hand built barn added an element of life and warmth. I even remember at one point hearing a crying kitten from the barn but we couldn’t get to it. Being obsessed with fluffy animals and not being able to help the cat made it hard to continue shooting. I just hoped we would find the little creature at the barn dance later that night.

We all got ready in the cabin, dressed in our boots, flannels and sweaters. The fall air was thin and crisp as we walked down a dirt road to the party. It seemed like the entire town of Fort Kent was invited and welcomed. It also seemed like this communal event was the epitome of a barn dance: complete with a roaring fire, potluck supper, fiddle, acoustic guitars, and lots of hay.DSC_0661

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It didn’t take long before I heard the same kitten cry again, but this time a child was holding it. The little girl explained to me that they found her alone in the woods and decided to give the kitten a home with them. I was relieved to know the kitten had a home and I kept thinking about what that meant. The kitten served as a symbol for my overall feeling about our weekend at the northernmost pinnacle of Maine; an undeniable feeling of welcoming, acceptance, and understanding.

The night was complete with dancing children, laughter, live music, delicious food, and great conversation. The whole weekend actually carried the same tune, beginning with our six hour drive up. It felt grounding to expand my roots in the state I grew up in, which is a feeling I had been in search for. Days like these remind me that we can choose to accept what comes along with open arms. We can continue to grow our roots anywhere. -Sadiemainefreepeoplefreepeople3

It had been close to five years since I last made the trip to the most northern part of Maine. If I remember correctly the last time I went was during the wintertime of my senior year of high school, and with me was father, younger brother Camden, and our exchange student (sister) Nastya. To think so much has changed since then, but also how so much has stayed the same.

Whenever I return to the state of Maine, I feel a deep sense of nostalgia and sometimes it tastes bitter-sweet. The environment is what is most familiar to me, as well as the people I love and care for the most live there. In the past something has tended to feel out of place for me though; almost like every time I return something is different. I’m realizing I am what is different. Just like the trees that go through the stages of life: I blossom, grow, fade and repeat. Depending on where I am in that process, I have often felt like I’m not whole in one specific setting.


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During that weekend when I returned to Fort Kent I was in one of those transitions. This time, however, in the midst of feeling incomplete and anxious with my latest transition, I started to relax because I felt at home. It started with the long drive up North. With Melissa driving and Sadie in the back seat, our favorite tunes blaring, the ride up was so rejuvenating, despite it being 6 hours long. On both sides of the highway were thousands of trees ablaze in fiery colors. The foliage alone was worth the pilgrimage.

When we arrived, Sadie and I immediately began taking photos on my brother Taylor’s property. After we met back up with Melissa and relaxed in the cabin, we sipped Halloween ale, listened to Sadie’s record player, and played cards on the living room floor for several hours. It was so nice to be removed from all my daily worries and have the moment to focus on spending time with people who truly mattered.

Later that night at the barn dance I was able to talk around the fire with Taylor, my cousins Marty and Kiernan, and their friend Caleb. The whole evening was such a extraordinary experience. Children from the town played games inside the barn while Taylor and Kiernan played the fiddle and guitar. Others gathered around the fire, eating delicious warm foods, and enjoying conversation. It was such a joyous occasion!- Hannah


“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”
― Sylvia Plath


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*This post was created in collaboration with Free People Natick



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