An Afternoon at Crompton Collective + Advice for Doing What You Love

March 28, 2015



the afternoon at Worcester’s newest local gem, Crompton Collective, is like visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. At every corner there are unique and fun pieces you won’t find anywhere else and the sprawling space, which hosts the antique shop and vintage boutique, seems to go on forever. Any fashion lover, home decor diva, or as Amy Chase might say “lover of old things,” who steps into Crompton will be mesmerized by the charm and character of this renovated mill building and the beautiful treasures it houses. But perhaps even more interesting and compelling is the woman behind it all. She is the Willy Wonka of Crompton, the mastermind who coordinates the efforts of 85 vendors, a farmer’s market, and a host of events held in Crompton’s breathtaking “white room.” Amy’s creativity, Worcester pride, and fun personality ultimately define Crompton’s spirit. On my latest visit to Crompton, I had the opportunity to sit down with Amy and learn a little about Crompton’s history and how Amy created a business out of something she loved.

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Crompton Collective has only been around for the past two years but within that short time has had a major impact on the Worcester community. As a Worcester native, Amy has sought to propel the community forward by supporting local businesses and creating an experience at Crompton that draws in visitors from all around. What is so refreshing about Amy is her boldness and commitment to her passions. Before she opened up Crompton she ran a mobile vintage shop, Haberdash Vintage, with just a trailer and a mini yellow school bus.  She also co founded another fashion venture called Swapaholics. All of her ventures center around a common theme – doing something she genuinely enjoyed. Her passion and ability to recognize a market need led her to quickly take action and to refine and pivot along the way – no business plans, no fancy terminology. In fact, Amy admits to showing up to an investor meeting with purple hair and seriously ripped jeans and absolutely no clue about pitch decks and the like. But her enthusiasm, passion, and action oriented approach spoke volumes and compelled investors to want to take part.

Sitting down with Amy and hearing about her story is truly inspiring, – her love of helping others succeed at doing the things they love rings loud and clear – and I believe this is the secondary key to her success. In the process of accomplishing her own dreams Amy has helped to build countless others up – ultimately leading her to realize a dream well beyond what she’d ever envisioned. For someone with such vision and fearlessness it is hard to believe that there was once a time where Amy wanted to open a small boutique just big enough to house her vintage pieces and her three beloved dogs. However, her ability to push herself beyond her comfort zone and imagine bigger and better things has allowed her to change her life and the lives of so many others. Since starting Crompton just a few years ago Amy has helped vendors grow their businesses to the point of opening their own stores and has encouraged others to utilize the beautiful spaces in the renovated mill where Crompton resides.

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 “A bird does not not sing a song because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

- Maya Angelou

This Maya Angelou quote so perfectly sums up the spirit of Crompton and the secret behind Amy’s success at doing what she loves. Antiques and vintage clothing are the songs she sings and in an effort to spread this song Amy started Crompton. She often had more questions than she had answers to but she never allowed this fear of the unknown to stop her from pursuing her dreams.


For more information
on Crompton you can check them out on their website, Crompton Collective, or on social media, which the Crompton team is super active on! And if you are looking to explore all of the beautiful pieces at Crompton, Hannah and I would love for you to join us for the Update Your Look event we will be hosting with Crompton and a group of amazing fashion and beauty vendors this Sunday. For more information check out our facebook event page, Update Your Look With the Fashion Cookbook. Come hang out with us, we will be on site to help you with all of your styling needs so come escape the snow and get ready for spring with some unique accessories, vintage finds, and much more.

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  • Kelsey

    Love this post, love Crompton, love Amy!

  • Nina

    Hey Patricia! Thanks for a little history on the place and the dame that dazzles! It’s great to hear a bit more of what’s behind this Worc. phenomenon. I had no idea how many events are backed by Amy. Really humbling!
    Very much looking forward to your event tomorrow, your pointers, and a preview of these communal events as I plan one myself!

    • Patricia De Carvalho

      I was equally humbled learning about all Amy has done and continues to do. She is so inspiring! I hope you enjoyed the event and best of luck on your own. Let me know if you need any help! I am sure it’ll be a success.

  • Ralph

    Patricia , Thank you for the fine write up . I love the Willy Wonka of Crompton ! I believe Amy got all her Sweet and eccentric ideas form her Grandmother !

    Thanks . Also at Crompton Collective you can touch , try on , set on and play with stuff . Candy and Cup Cakes may be eaten also .

    Not you average Willy Wonka Antique – vintage shop . Cats are welcome also . :)

    • Patricia De Carvalho

      Ralph – I couldn’t have said it better myself! It was a pleasure meeting you. Everyone at Crompton is so great, such a fun place to be. If I had a cat I would bring ‘em with me while I shopped ’till I dropped.

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