The Root Chakra

November 3, 2015

For awhile now, Chakra has simply been an elusive buzz word to us. Its meaning and concept sort of illusory. We didn’t understand how to get in touch with each one or what we were even supposed to be getting in touch with. But the hierarchy of the seven Chakras has been integrated into yogic practices for centuries, causing us to think that maybe our own lives could benefit from more understanding.



DSC_1017In this collaborative series, we want to dive in and embrace the seven Chakras within our bodies. These seven Chakras are energy centers, with each one ascending up through your body towards your head. Each center flows and circulates a different type of energy and when you are aware of them they can help you feel happy, balanced, and open. But, the Chakra energies can become blocked, leading to illness and other unwanted imbalances. Everything we think, say, and do can affect our Chakras and each Chakra can be nourished uniquely. You can work on balancing each of the chakras in any location at any point of your life. To help us today we enlisted our friend Daysha Williams in a Washington Heights, Manhattan apartment and photographer Aubrey Renee in the woods of Louisville, Kentucky.

We figured maybe learning about the capabilities of these energy points within our bodies could lead to a better state of being. So we hit the books (and internet), put them into practice and placed our focus on the first, bottom-most Chakra; the Root Chakra. DSC_1013Trace your finger all the way down your spine. At its very base is where the Root Chakra resides. Like a plant in the earth that uses its roots for security and growth, the Root Chakra is the foundation of our body and mind where we derive our sense of safety, survival, and trust. When this energy point is balanced and open you feel stable and comfortable in your daily life. But the Root Chakra can become unbalanced by things like a difficult home life, an unhealthy relationship, abandonment, and feelings of low self-worth. These negative aspects can lead to anxiety, fear, depression, migraines, feeling spacey, and low immunity.

chakraposeWe realized we struggle with some of these ailments daily. It was eye-opening that on the very first Chakra we had already discovered a source of imbalance and that we could try to remedy that imbalance by thinking in terms of the Root Chakra.

Being a recent college grad with duties to help my family while also planning a big move across the country has got me feeling misplaced. Sometimes it resembles a state of limbo where I have no actual ground to allow roots to grow. I can’t make every aspect of my living situation change right now but I’m experimenting with ways to keep the Root Chakra balanced and in check.   -Hannah

Juggling school, work, and family have me feeling like a leaf in the wind – being blown around in every direction. This balancing act is giving me whiplash and the uncertainty of potentially moving next May for work has me feeling unsettled. But I’m coming to terms with the notion that my roots don’t need to be firmly planted just yet and in the meantime, balancing my Root Chakra can keep me rooted.   -Patricia

The color connected to the Root Chakra is red, so try wearing colors in the red spectrum to encourage balance between mind, body, and earth.chakrarollonAromatherapeutic scents include nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, myrrh, and patchouli. You can use essential oils, light sandalwood incense, or even sipping on a ginger tea will do! (*Bonus for ingesting something warm because this too helps you connect to the Root Chakra).

Root Chakra crystals and gemstones to wear and keep near include bloodstone, onyx, tigers eye, hematite, obsidian, and ruby.rootchakra1If you want to incorporate a mindfulness of the Root Chakra into your yoga practice try focusing on head-to-knee, standing forward bend, mountain pose, or meditate while sitting on the ground outside. These poses strongly connect you to the earth which will encourage a confident and grounded emotional energy that helps the Root Chakra thrive.

rootchakra7Since the Root Chakra’s element is earth, you can also listen to the elemental sound of thunder and quaking earth to inspire a balanced energy. We downloaded a long thunderstorm track and usually listen to it before falling asleep or while meditating.

rootchakra2rootchakra3rootchakra4rootchakra5We’re so excited to expand into a larger lifestyle brand that emphasizes positive body image and natural beauty. As part of this process we are launching a seven part chakra series that highlights and introduces each chakra and how they impact each of our lives. To encourage you in your own mindfulness journey we will be providing reader giveaways along the way with products that support local retailers and inspire you to value natural beauty solutions.

Look out for the Sacral Chakra post coming out next week!


Love Hannah + Patricia, Blog Signature +Sadie, our newest freelance contributor


♥ We warmly welcome our newest member to the Fashion Cookbook team, Sadie Bonang! You may remember her from her apartment tour this past summer. Special thanks for helping us on the research and putting our thoughts into words for this post. This is such an important series and we are so happy to have you be apart of it and bring such a wonderful perspective. ♥

Thank you Daysha for being so open to helping us illustrate balancing the root chakra and for being such a positive light. 

Extra big thanks to Aubrey for your help with the yoga photography. We only recently found about her through following her Instagram and were immediately drawn to her authenticity, depth, and ability to draw meaning from those around her. 



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