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March 28, 2017


Tripp’s Farmhouse Cafe, located in Auburn, Maine creates products “greater than gluten-free.” The owner, Mark Tripp offers a different look at the food our society likes to eat on a daily basis that may not be the healthiest options. He transforms foods like bagels, cupcakes, cake, chili, pies, and donuts into food that our bodies can process and breakdown easier just by choosing top notch and unlikely ingredients. We spent a day with Mark learning about his journey to better health and wellbeing. He offered us an inside look at his day behind the counter baking and making tasty treats suitable for even the sweetest tooth. From the unsuspecting eye Mark’s cupcakes and treats look decadent, to say the least, but what we found out is that they are made with the simplest, whole ingredients- from sweeteners like honey and bananas to healthy fats like avocado and coconut.

Our community is beyond fortunate to have someone so dedicated to healthy eating and work to create an opportunity for others to experience a healthy lifestyle, great food, and eat in such an inclusive environment (allergen friendly). The Fashion Cookbook is honored to be able to share the Tripp’s story and encourage you to visit them! Remember the food we eat is not only fuel for our bodies, but it also has such an incredible impact on our whole wellbeing- mind and spirit.


What drove you to open a cafe with mainly gluten and dairy free products?

The desire to open a cafe was a multi-headed dragon. First off I had seen such great success with a grain free lifestyle and wholeheartedly believed in it and the positive changes that I wanted to share. I always enjoyed cooking for myself and with the encouragement from a close friend I started making my grain free products for other people, and selling them privately out of our house. I enjoyed doing it and it covered the cost of my own foods as an added benefit. Once I saw the demand for such a clean product I thought just maybe this could be an actual business. Although a grain free lifestyle was rather popular on the West Coast, I knew we were behind the curve here on the East Coast. I also knew going forward I would need to expand beyond my own home kitchen, get licensed, and insured. I found a shared community kitchen in an old elementary school in Peru, it was small, inefficient but it was just what we needed to be “legit”.

From there we set off to farmers markets selling our grain free muffins, “granola”, and cookies. During this venture, we saw there was a gap in our local food network for humanely, organically raised meats. We added heritage bred swine, free range chickens, eggs, bees, and maple syrup to our small line-up. We had success in the farmers market scene and at one point we sold wholesale to 17 stores in Maine. It was through the farmers market that we had the chance to open a brick and motor cafe. Although about 5 years ahead of schedule the opportunity couldn’t be passed up. Knowing the grain free market was fairly limited and unknown here in Maine, we thought gluten free would be most appropriate. Being a dedicated gluten free facility we are still able to produce our grain free items while providing a completely gluten free friendly environment.

Once up and running it was quickly noticed gluten and dairy allergies seem to go hand in hand for most, being fluid we opted to incorporate dairy free into most of our products as well. It didn’t stop there, though, we’ve no pushed on further and have many allergen friendly products that are gluten, dairy, soy, egg, yeast free and vegan option as well.


Is gluten free for everybody?

Gluten free isn’t for everyone, but it should be. I think it’s a combination of gluten and our current big AG practices that are causing so many diseases and sicknesses in today’s world.

Would you consider going gluten free a diet or a lifestyle change? Why?

I see it as a lifestyle, and for myself, I feel people shouldn’t stop at gluten free. There are even more benefits to being grain free along with healthy alternatives. Just because something may be labeled as gluten free doesn’t mean its “good for you”. If you don’t change your lifestyle and just go on a gluten-free “diet” it is going to fail eventually, and when it does you’re going to feel worse than before you started.


What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding gluten as an allergen?

I feel that not only does everyone have a gluten allergy but an allergy to grains in general. Some people may handle gluten or grains better than others, but it’s my true belief that if you get rid of gluten and or grains for 30 days you will see a noticeable difference if your reintroduce. While eating clean, whole, and grain free you reduce inflammation throughout your body and in turn, you have a strong healthy immune system ready to ward off any unwanted guests. Once I changed my lifestyle to grain free I saw a significant improvement in my health.


What can you tell us about you (your products) that makes you stand out?

The difference between our products and most any other gluten free product you find is the quality of ingredients. We don’t stop at gluten-free, we use high-quality ingredients but most importantly its what we don’t use like soy, high fructose corn syrup, canola/vegetable oils, fillers, hydrogenated oils, white sugars, imitation extracts, etc. We use healthy fats such as organic coconut oil, organic butter, olive oils, pure extracts, natural sweeteners, high quality “flours, and starches”. To go along with our products we find it equally important to be providing customer service and atmosphere that matches the high-quality products.


What is your 5-year plan, or goals for the future?

My 5-year goal is to have a larger more efficient facility to expand the Tripp’s brand. Larger seating area for those wishing to stay and enjoy the allergen friendly environment. An observation area to see our homebrew Kombucha in production. Have our meals-to-go program up and running full speed, offering good nutritionally sound meals for those on the run. To have our brand established in Maine at a minimum, hopefully, New England. Stretch our reach through wholesale clients and who knows, we aren’t ruling out the possibility of franchising.


We had the opportunity to be the first ones to try Tripp’s newest debut: the raw chocolate brownie! Completely raw and vegan, their brownie was by far one the best desserts we’ve ever tried. It was so gooey and delicious- you would never know it was a healthier option.


We loved Tripp’s Farmhouse café so much that we want to share the experience with you!! We are giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky reader.

To enter:

1. Must follow Tripp’s Facebook page

2. Must follow The Fashion Cookbook’s Facebook page

3. Leave us a comment telling us what menu item you are most excited to try

Good luck! Winner will be selected by April 5th at noon.


Photography by Centered Images

Thank you again Tripp’s Farmhouse Cafe for collaborating with us!


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  • Michelle Verrill

    I have to pick just one thing??? I guess the bagels…or the cupcakes…or the sandwiches. It all looks amazing! I drive by this place almost every day and I keep telling myself to stop in and just haven’t had a chance. I guess it’s time to just make it happen!

  • Leslie Peterson

    I have had there breakfast sandwiches before and donuts and they were amazing. I haven’t tried the cupcakes and that raw brownie sounds wonderful!

  • Jen rubin

    I can’t pick just one! Want to try donuts and bagels. Tried the bread last week for first time and it was smazing!

  • Susan Luhrs

    Gee, it’s hard to chose what item I’d like to try because I’ve been going to Tripp’s almost since they opened. I guess I’d like to try some of their vegan items. I love their Sweet Potato Chili, Fish Chowder, Corn Chowder with Bacon, various pizzas, all good stuff!

  • Nicole

    I have been here once before, they are amazingly welcoming!! This is where I prefer to buy my gf bread! I am anxious to try some of there sweets!

  • Erin McKay

    Their bagels!!

  • jen

    I would love to try some of their sweets, like cake or cannoli’s. I have been to Tripp’s a few times. I probably would go more but it’s a long ride to get there. I do come to the area just to visit Tripp’s though. I buy two to four loaves of bread at a time and always get a buffalo chicken wrap, which tastes so fresh! Thanks for the chance to win this gift card, with a family eating gluten free it does get pretty expensive!

  • Debbie Pete

    We love this place. Can’t wait to try the new brownie

  • Christine Tucci

    Tripp’s is one of my favorite places! The food is delicious, healthy and easily fits my lifestyle needs and the people and service is the friendliest you will ever encounter! You will not find a more welcome cafe anywhere!! My favorite item is their grain free bagels! I am definetly stopping in soon to try the new raw brownie though!!!! Can’t wait!

  • Cheryl

    We go to Tripps all The time. I love the owners and can’t wait for the addition of more raw food products. Great article about an amazing place. We’re so lucky to have them in our area!

  • Jaime Allie

    I’m excited to try Tripp’s bagels. Good GF bagles are hard to come by!!

  • Christy Keep

    Something I would like to try is the new raw brownie! Everything I have tried has been amazing!

  • Debbie Voter

    I was so happy to see this post shared by my niece. I have lived in this area for a little less than 2 years. I have driven by the Tripp Family Farm Restaurant many times and have been very curious about it. The small sign and seemingly small uninteresting building appear not to do this place justice. The photos in this article are so good I wish I was on my way there rightness now ! I do love a good grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato. I would love to try Tripp’s with great ingredients.

  • Heather Lajoie

    This place is by far one of my favorites! I make an hour trip a couple of times a month to stock up on all of favorites to fill my cravings. I’d have to say my favorite are the peanut butter no-bake cookies but honestly I could name many other desserts taking a close 2nd

  • Julia

    I just found out about the marvelous land of Tripp’s Farmhouse Café! I’m wildly excited to try all of the items on the menu but I would say my eyes are peeping out the grain free lasagna! Thank you for bringing your knowledge and wonderful food to our area! :)

  • Polly

    I have not yet visited Tripp’s but I’m planning a pilgrimage soon! Since becoming gluten-free, I’ve been searching for a good gf bakery. I can tell it’s going to be hard to choose when I visit. I’m afraid I’m going to have to have one of everything on the menu!

  • Jenna Austin

    I’m excited to try something new every time I go in, which is often. The folks at Tripp’s call me “whoopie pie lady”, so I guess that’s my obvious fave. But I love their breakfast options, and the new desserts they roll out often.

  • Paul Bernard

    I love their bread it is the best gluten free bread that we have found after 40 years of a gluten free diet. We would love to try any of Tripps healthy dishes. Wish we could have been there during your visit.

  • Michele

    Would love to try the Sweet Potato Bomb. The primal krunch is pretty good wroth the organic greek yogurt they sell. And the owners are pretty special!

  • Lu Ann

    We love Tripp’s–from the warm welcome when we walk through the door to the delicious treats! We usually head right to the sweets case, so I missed the fact that they have crêpes. Well have to try those next!

  • Ellen

    I hadn’t heard of this place before now and I’m so excited to try it! I’m doing a clean eating, no dairy, no grain diet right now and cook like this at home. I’m excited to try everything, but the granola sounds awesome!

  • Alison Bennett

    I love love love this store!! The staff is SO friendly and helpful and their food is AMAZING! I always get cinnamon rolls, the breakfast pizza is to die for and I really love the fish chowder and the chicken salad wrap. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2006 and the only available food then was…um….cardboard. Now, with places like Tripp’s I can get excited about going out and not having to have an awkward conversation with a waitress about what a dish contains. I don’t get to go very often but it’s always the highlight of my day when I do!

  • Sandy Witas

    Ummmm….everything is so good! Chocolate chip cookies, the Krunch, all the wraps, holiday! You can’t pick just one!

  • Lesley Dufour

    I am a frequent visitor. I love Jen & Gary, they are both amazing people. I would love to try their quiche!

  • Amanda

    I love the new raw chocolate brownie! When I tried it the first time it was unnamed and just being cut out of the pan. Tripps is my family’s favorite place to eat.

  • Karen

    My son and I love going to Tripp’s! It’s one of the few places he can relax and order anything from the menu that tempts him instead of seeing things he can’t have. Not easy for a kid. The food is so yummy! I haven’t tried the sweet potato bomb yet but heard that was a must!

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