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February 26, 2017


You are not your roots. You are a flower grown from them.


Living back home has had its challenges, but it’s also brought many unforeseen opportunities. I think perhaps the best gift thus far has been that I’ve been given the chance to see my hometown in a new light. Growing up I always felt trapped by the small town feel and lack of diversity. The past five years I’ve grown exponentially by pushing my personal limitations and exposing myself to a myriad of new perspectives while in college. Now, in hometown again, the challenge I face is to continue to grow in a setting that I once found stagnant and even stifling.

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I’ve always favored the industrial framework of my town. The old brick mills connect me to my French Canadian heritage and remind me of the opportunities that originally brought my family to this area. Walking around the downtown part of Lewiston while taking these photos I couldn’t help but reflect of how I myself have been shaped by this community. I think about how special it is now to walk into the local Starbucks and always know someone- how once I used to cringe at this, but now after living in a large city this is something I have come to appreciate, and even more, treasure.


I’m at an interesting point in life where I’m torn between the forces that once grounded me (home, family, religion, etc.) and wanting to break through the molding and completely rebuild what defines me. On one hand, I’m grateful for how I was raised, but on the other, I see how limiting it can be. I’m not someone who does well with transition, but I’m trying to accept that I’m in some kind of a free fall and learn all that I can by embracing the pain that comes from a time of growth.


In this outfit I felt major 70’s vibes and treasured that something I wore could connect me to an entire decade I never actually experienced. The coat I’m wearing, for instance, reminded me of something my grandmother would have worn during that time and in this exact setting. For that reason, I felt somewhat close to her even though she’s no longer living. Being in this familiar setting I feel so much nostalgia, but more and more I see how I’ll always hold a piece of home in my heart no matter where I am in life or where I live.


You can imagine my excitement when a local jewelry artist named Lincey Pepin recently contacted me to collaborate and I read that she was based out of my hometown. I was blown away that there are other creatives living in this community and pursuing their dreams in the greater fashion industry. Named Arthlin, her collection is sourced from materials made in the USA and each piece is handmade with care. I paired the velvet choker she gifted me with my Free People velvet flares to complete my retro look. What do you think? I’m wondering what you would wear this velvet choker with because Arthlin and I are giving away this same necklace to one lucky reader. Leave your comment below and I’ll choose one winner by Friday March 3rd at 12pm.



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  • Cheryl

    Great view of our heritage filled city and I’m loving those oants. A bit of vintage in a city filled with history! Nicely done!

  • Shannon Kramp

    Great post! I can relate since I moved from a major city back to my hometown a few years ago. You see how much has changed and gives a great opportunity to connect with local creatives. Lincey is such a talent, I’ve styled a few photo shoots using Arthlin. I love how you styled your outfit!

  • Seble

    How relieving to read your blog.This year marks my 12 year in the States, half of my life is America and the other is Ethiopia. For the majority of the years I lived in Boston, my Ethiopian identity was my shining pride and my idea of home. However that has changed for me since my failed attempt in trying to move back and settle in my hometown Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. I put up a fair and righteous fight for my survival during my 7 month stay; then I left feeling not only defeated but with a deep disappointing realization that Ethiopia is not my home anymore. While I love the food and enjoyed being surrounded by like minded faces – I felt out of place for my interest in gender equality, appetite for genuine small talks, love for adventurous and diaspora nationalism. They said I had changed, I’m too Americanized, and I wont last long in the city and I left. So yea it felt food reading, may be I am not my root but I am a flower that has grown from it. The quote affirms my individuality, my beauty and my ability to move on with a cycle of life.

    Purple is one of my few favorite color. And you pull of the chocker with the outfit perfectly. I would wear the chocker with jean dress [the one with the overall feel with straps], strapless golden bando [bra], and my suede purple and golden sneakers. I will let go of my big curly hair to complete this hip spring outfit.

  • Ashley Perez

    I would wear this gorgeous choker with a little v-neck black dress and heels. (:

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