October 16, 2015


The weather has dropped and the leaves are well into their change of season. Once again it is my favorite time of year, but with that comes a certain shift in mood and looming shadow of uncertainty. Although the new season brings wonderful, vibrant colors and joyous festive traditions such as, apple picking, hayrides, and cozy fires- it can also be unsettling because it means change. Change can mean new opportunity and hope, but it can also be very unsettling. It can be hard to feel grounded when life is in transition.

I recently returned from New York City to complete my Master’s degree at Clark University in Massachusetts. Having graduated from college this past May and moved to the city to pursue my career in one the fashion capitals of the world, it feels in some ways like I’m taking a back step by returning to where I left. I know deep down that I need to do this and that it is a wonderful opportunity, but I feel stifled to be return to classes, having just had a taste of the real world. I think a part of it too is that I’m back on the same campus as undergrad, but I’m no longer a “student” or in some ways the same person as I was before.

Another anxiety has been the question of where I am to set roots once I finish my grad program. It doesn’t do me much good though to dwell on this because I don’t have much control until I do finish and find a job. I tend to spend a lot of my energy on future planning and less on the present, which in turn causes unrest. Moving forward I’m trying to work on mindfulness during this transition period and came up with some solutions I thought would be also be helpful to you as well…

fallThere is no quick fix. Stop with the future planning and action stepping. While it does make sense to prepare for your next opportunity (either professional or personal), try not to spend as much time dwelling on things that have not happened yet. When that happens you neglect the present and all the beautiful moments that come with it. Take a lunch break or even a day to recenter. Don’t look for a solution- just pause and breathe.


Learn to just be. While it can be tempting to say yes to something just to end the waiting period, hold tight. The real thing takes time to find. As a society we tend to focus on completing the next step in order to experience happiness. Remember that life’s a journey and not a destination. No matter the situation remember that at the end of the day you are alive and will experience joy again. In times of stress do activities to focus on your breath.


Break the cycle of caring what other people think. Whether you are a recent college grad looking to find a job, or  recently quit the job you’ve had for 12 years, it can be stressful to talk with people for fear of them asking you “What are you doing now?” Try to release yourself from the pressure of having to feel like you measure up to people. No one comes from the exact same background or has the same resources, so stop trying to hold yourself to the same standard. Instead focus on your personal bests and strive hard to be the best version of yourself. Once you stop judging or comparing yourself to others, you will be able to relax into the transition a little bit more.


Do things that keep you centered and grounded. Transitions can be overwhelming to say the least. When they are happening it can feel like you have nothing to hold on to, which can be very scary and produce a lot of anxiety. While it can be tempting to self medicate or fall into a depression, it is important to do positive activities that help you to feel grounded. Dedicate times throughout the day where you can silence your notifications and emails. Use this time to take a walk, journal, or read a book.


Stay tuned for an upcoming post on mindfulness and ways to stay grounded as part of our Chakra Series!


Hat- Free People

Jacket- North Beach Leather

Dress- Old Navy

Boots- H&M

Necklace- Free People (similar)

Ring- Free People

Bag- vintage Gucci



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  • Jay Sosa

    This post is very transparent & clever! Just one of the many reasons I follow this blog. Great job Hannah.

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