Beat the Winter Blues

February 17, 2015



Jacket- Vera Wang x Kohls

Fur vest- Target (similar)

Shirt- Lauren Conrad x Kohls

Leggings- Jessica Simpson via Macy’s 

Boots- Michael Kors

Bag- Kate Spade

This weather has really been getting to me. Besides it being almost impossible to keep up with a shooting schedule to update the blog, I find that my body wants desperately to go into hibernation mode.  I’m trying so hard to avoid that. Lately, I do not have the same amount of energy, my mood has been off, and because of the snow I’m forced to spend more time indoors than I would like. Although December is technically the darkest month, it is usually the months of January and February that usher in the wintery doom and gloom. Below I’ve listed some good ways to beat the winter blues.. good luck! xx

Create a Ritual

With all of these blizzards and sickness going around, I have not had a solid week of school until this current week. Every week since January, I’ve had a snow day or had a professor cancel class. The very first time we had school canceled for a snow day I was extremely excited to have day to sleep in and binge on episodes of Friends. But then there were more and more days off and I longed for more routine and for something constant in my daily life. Besides there is beauty in having a ritual. It gives us something to look forward to and enjoy. Lately I’m working on being more deliberate with my time and sticking to a plan, with some some fun things sprinkled in to make my week have special highlights. For instance, I’ve started picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers at the grocery store (they’re only $5 at Trader Joes) and they bring life into my space and remind me that Spring is coming. Try something new and buy flowers, treat yourself to a good cup of coffee, go out for a drink with a close friend, or take a yoga class. The options are endless, you just have to commit to holding yourself to a plan and be more intentional about how you spend your time.

Be Social

The cold weather can often force people to remain confined to their home, but also the seasonal depression associated with winter can most definitely add to the desire for solitude. It’s important though to stay in touch with friends & family and strive to feel less alone. The human connection is vital. As much as you may feel better after shopping, it’s just not enough to sustain true happiness. I love the quote: “The best things in life are not things.”

Make plans for this upcoming weekend and write into your schedule that you need to spend time with friends. Alternatively, join a new club or organization and surround yourself with new people if you want.

Take Care of Yourself

By a show of hands, how many of you can get into a bad cycle of eating unhealthy and then continue to spiral into self loathing? I’m guessing quite a few hands went up. I know mine did! It’s not uncommon to feel poorly if you treat yourself poorly. Its so much easier to lay in bed watching Netflix after a bad day of work then go to the gym. What happens though is that you continue to put off the healthy living and as a result feel bad, and eventually unworthy. To break the cycle it’s important to recognize your habits and take action. For me, I have to start with my bedroom. I need to make sure that it is clean and orderly. If I let it get messy I notice that I feel less inclined to be productive and it is very hard for me to bounce back. What is it that you think will break the pattern? Assess and then make the change!

p.s I wanted to highlight a recent purchase that I thought was too cute not to share. Also, it is hard to see their true awesomeness (and how cool they look against the faux leather leggings) with the terrible lighting, but I am in love with my new gray suede boots by Michael Kors. You know what’s even better about them? I found them at TJ Maxx for only $50!!!! Now, that is what I call a fab find! Ladies, if you’re looking for some high-end pieces for less I say hit up your local TJ Maxx. They are having the best stuff lately and is the perfect store to stock up on wardrobe musts.


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