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April 20, 2015


Greetings, from the land of work and tiredness. This has been one of the most hectic months of my life. I’ve been working, doing an internship, graduating college and preparing for what comes next. Most of this gets done in my room. I’m going to let you into my world a little by showing off my space. I’ve only been here for about a year, so some of the walls are a little sparse, but I recently got a bunch of painting supplies and I’m hoping to make some pieces to add some color.


As a matter of fact, this is a piece I made a couple of years ago. It’s a mouth, from the inside. I hate my teeth, so in a weird way, my art highlights teeth. The yellow used to be brighter but like an amature, I kept it in the sun. I’m starting to get attached to the new faded look. Fades are big in menswear, and now I see them everywhere.


 The art above my bed was a print that my dad passed on to me. I keep it central because home is where the heart is, and I’ve got one of those. It also helps bring the room’s focus to the bed. It’s a bedroom after all, and I try to keep the desk from being the main focus of the room. I built that desk last summer with some pieces from ikea and cheap particle board. I cut it out to fit the door and and the heater, so it’s a tailored fit. It’s where I get down to the brass tax.


Check out the mass here. It’s a mess, but I can get away with it because it’s in a leather valet. The lighter case was my moms from when she was my age. I don’t smoke, but I like to have it around. The sunglasses are Ralph Lauren Purple Label that I grabbed at TJ-Maxx for $45. They’re foldable, but are smaller than traditional Persols. The rest of this just is stuff I use too much to ever find a place to store. They’re my essentials, all in one place.

bedroomtour8 bedroomtour7

 Those  jeans give me life. I wore them for 3 years without a wash after picking them up at Gap for $17. I caved, like a nomadic settler, and washed them this past winter. The fades were all I’d dared to hope for and more. Note the unique wear pattern. It’s is hard to get such bleeding perfection without the denim being high quality. They’re made with a midweight selvedge that was originally much darker. Wearing them in was a stylistic investment at the time. Now I have around 5 pairs of raw selvedge denim all at different points at their wear cycles that I rotate through. You’ll also notice that I had to crudely repair the blown out crotch many a time. I still wear them a lot. They’re one of my favorite things.


This is Rose. She’s my roommate’s dog. She loves the camera.


The built-in is where I keep all my shoes. I recognize that it should be a bookcase, but come on…priorities. I do use the bottom drawers as a dresser though, so at least it’s purpose is universal.


I built that closet extension when I realized I had nowhere for my outerwear. I’ve always hung my pants, so I’ve always struggled to house my wardrobe. Pants rule, limited space drools.

That’s all there is to show. Now you know what my life looks like.

Be well!


If you missed our earlier post, Nick is our in-house menswear guru. He has worked on The Fashion Cookbook this past school year, helping to streamline our operations as well as aid us with big picture planning as we continue to grow into a larger business. He also has a (fantastic) taste for design and style. From time to time he will bring his insightful perspective on menswear to the blog. Check out more about him here.


(photo via Worcester Magazine)


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