Create + Cultivate Los Angeles

March 24, 2015


We flew into LAX and were picked up by my dear friend Jamie along with her new baby girl, Amelia. From there we drove to Santa Monica and went to True Food Kitchen. There we ate delicious bison burgers with sweet potato and quinoa. After, we walked the Santa Monica Pier and then sat in the sand talking and catching up. Jamie then drove us to Erin’s friend Rachelle’s house.


The next day Erin and I woke up and went to Hollywood. We went to a place called, “The Waffle,” where they had $6 double sized mimosas. After a yummy breakfast and a little morning buzz we walked around and saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After several hours of walking around seeing the sights until our feet hurt, we stopped for margaritas, which happened to serve mega-sized drinks and then proceeded to get a little day buzzed.


Following our day in Hollywood, Erin and I met up with my friend Sarah (a fellow blogger) and went to The Line Hotel for happy hour with the attendees of Create+Cultivate. It was absolutely wonderful to meet so many talented and hardworking women! After drinks at the hotel we went back to Sarah’s apartment to order in pad thai and played with her cat. We then took an Uber to The Mint, a well-known music venue, and watched several bands perform.


After hiking the Hollywood Hills, Erin and I went to Venice Beach and soaked up some (much needed) sun. After we explored the Venice Canals during sunset, and it was absolutely unreal how beautiful it all was. That night we met back up with Jamie and little Amelia for dinner at a French/Vietnamese fusion place called, “Le Cellier.”


Of course the last place we went for brunch was Bottega Louie in downtown LA. I couldn’t not pick up macaroons to take home for me to share with Patricia.


On of my other favorite moments from the trip was during the mentor session at Create+Cultivate. I sat next to Devon Rachel, one of my favorite fashion bloggers and was able to ask her my most pressing questions. I asked her how she was able to afford to move to LA right after college. I mostly wanted to know if her parents helped pay her way, much how most bloggers are lucky enough to not feel burdened by financial responsibility and hardship. She said she was blessed to have her Grandmother help pay for college, but that she had saved all four years of school working retail jobs to pay for her apartment and new chapter in her life.

Hearing her words brought tears to my eyes and I was instantly connected to my ten-year-old self who wept watching Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis Tour on The Disney Channel. No, she wasn’t an amazing singer who wrote awe inspiring songs. My father had walked in to our living room and saw me sobbing and asked why I was so upset. I told him how badly I wanted to perform and be like her, but that I knew I wouldn’t ever be given the same chance as she had. Even at such a young age I knew in every fiber of my being that I wanted to have an influence and that I would not be given the same opportunity as someone born into a larger city or into a more affluent family.

“In a 2011 TED Talk in San Francisco, author and speaker Mel Robbins talked about how the chances that you are about 1 in 400 trillion. (Yes, that’s four hundred followed by twelve zeros.) This takes into account the chance of your parents meeting out of all the people on the planet, the chance of them reproducing, the chance of you being born at the exact moment that you were, and every other wildly improbable factor that goes into each individual person.  The whole point of her crazy calculation was that we should take the sheer improbability of our own existence as a kick in the butt to get out of the bed in the morning.” –Sophia Amoruso in #GIRLBOSS

In the airplane on our way home, I read this line from Sophia Amoruso’s book #GIRLBOSS and immediately tears welled in my eyes. I had thought that the most powerful moment of my trip had been the conference itself, but in reality it was the moment reading this that I realized I am truly capable of achieving everything I want out of life and that my dreams will come true so long as I keep going…Hell even as I was wiping tears from my eyes I was smiling thinking I’m flying home from my second fashion blogger conference in LA that I was invited to and in the same week I accepted a position with Tommy Hilfiger for a merchandising internship in NYC for the summer. I’m walking on the very path I have always dreamed I would… Worried that I would attract the attention of the women sitting next to me, I quickly blew my nose, wiped my eyes, and began to journal all that I was reflecting on and more importantly jotted down all that I knew I would need to remind myself of when the going gets tough.

In high school I realized that although I was passionate about acting and singing, it was not something I could fight tooth and nail for and still love at the end of the day had I not be able to afford a place to call my own or food to go in my stomach. People ask me all the time why I love fashion and I have to admit its not because of the clothes or bags. For me its about being allowed the gift to express oneself and more than anything else in the world I’m drawn to beauty and helping people to feel beauty. I can’t help but laugh aloud as I type this because I’m striving to enter an industry that is based entirely on people buying things to to help them feel beautiful, when all I want to do is help people to feel loved and valued for just being themselves (flaws in all- both physical imperfections and character traits)… Something I got out of Create+Cultivate was not how to monetize this blog and become “blog famous” (although that was a session), but more so to push myself to continue forward in bringing something to an industry void of depth and empowerment. God created me with an unwavering itch for beauty and performance so I’m going to use that passion to lift those up around me. If I have to scratch and scratch until I’m blistered and exhausted, I know it will all be worth it. So if you read up to this far, hopefully you do not think I’m the biggest sap, but you too understand what it is like to dream and to not be able to sit and breathe comfortably until you are at complete ease with being yourself, and only you. If you think this way, or simply are curious as to what this would look like please, please, please continue to follow along with The Fashion Cookbook. I can’t offer you greatness now or anything groundbreaking, but what I can offer you as a reader is something genuine and raw. A place where we value someone’s worth not based on the clothing that they wear… I’m excited to see where this humble little blog will go, but in the meantime I’m just happy to be able to go along for the ride. LA was an absolute blast and I know I will return someday soon.. and not for a weekend… but to live there.


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How-to Pack For a Weekend Conference

March 16, 2015

It’s been almost a year since Patricia and I attended Lucky Fabb (west) in Los Angeles. Wow does time fly! It was such an amazing opportunity to learn from so many successful bloggers and be able to network and meet so many incredible people. It was also an inspiring experience that truly inspired Patricia and I to take The Fashion Cookbook to the next step. It is with great excitement that I share that I’m going back to LA for another fashion blogger conference this week. The conference, called “Create+Cultivate,” is not your average conference. It is specifically geared towards entrepreneurs and creatives alike, who aspire to take their passions to the next level. The conference is this Saturday, March 21st, but I’m going to be making a full long weekend out it. With me will be Erin, one of my closest friends. We are going to explore downtown LA, hike by the Hollywood sign, go to the beach, and eat amazing food. I thought I would compile three tips to pack efficiently for such a trip. Enjoy!

1. Plan ahead
Planning your outfits–from head to toe–ensures you don’t overpack, as well as you plan ahead for the new things that you may bring home. This is especially essential for a blogger conference when there are always free goodies. Plus it cuts getting ready time in half. If you’re afraid you won’t remember what you originally planned to wear, take photos of the looks you plan to wear for each day.

2. Organize
Another important key to avoid overpacking is organization. If you just throw everything in your suitcase, you won’t be able to fit as much into your suitcase. Instead, carefully fold and pack your items as tightly as you can. A great method for this is rolling your clothes into cylinder shapes. This will give you more space and your clothes won’t be as wrinkled.

3. Minimize
Versatility is key when traveling! It is important to pick items that can be worn multiple ways and with different pieces. Since I’m going to be going somewhere with warm weather I accessed the outfits needed per occasion, as well as setting. For instance,I  packed a dress and top+bottoms that I could mix it up with for walking around or going to the beach.

Hope that helps inspire you! Also, if you are attending C+C reach out in a comment or over social media!! Be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram for updates! :)


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Black & White Tuxedo

January 19, 2015

menswearpopofpinkfullbody blackbowpinkkatespade menswearpopofcolor kissescloseupmenswearpopofpinkpinklipspopofpinkkatespade


Shirt-Urban Outfitters

Leggings-Spalding via TJ Maxx

Knee-high boots- LuLu*s

Alex & Ani Bracelets

Spiked bracelet- Baublebar

 Watch-Michael Kors

Bag-Kate Spade

Lip color- Melted Fuchsia by Too Faced

When all else fails, I say go for the black & white combination. It is by far the ultimate duo and will forever be timeless in the history of fashion. That, and the combination looks good on just about everyone. Seriously, you can’t go wrong!

Although black & white has traditionally been considered to be more formal of a pairing, that doesn’t mean you can’t add fun accents to make it more playful and be able to contrast masculine and feminine qualities (and everything in between). I personally like to make a statement with a bold lip color when I wear an expected color combination. I opted for the almost Barbie-esque hot pink lip and bag to compliment this outfit. Life is too short to be always playing it safe. This outfit is on the more casual side with the pops of pink, but could just as easily been styled with a black blazer and pair of black or white pumps to be more glam and worn for special occasions.

What does your black & white tuxedo look like?


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Fashion and Beauty Tips for the Busy Woman

November 19, 2014







Hello Beautiful People,

The last few weeks have been absolutely mind boggling busy. I’m talking 9 AM to 12 PM days, with a few all nighters to keep me on my toes. It has been stressful to say the least. Sometimes, when I’m in the thick of it I just want to give up, snuggle up with my laptop, and indulge in Netflix all night. But at the end of the day, when all is said and done the only thing I regret are the things I gave up on, not any of the hard work I put in. So I encourage all of you to pursue the things you love and work hard even at the things you don’t because your hard work will pay off. Without further ado, here are some fashion and beauty tips for the busy woman – to get you through those stressful, hectic, no sleep days.

Fashion and Beauty Tips

for the Busy Woman (like me):


Strike a balance between comfort and style.

You’ll feel more put together and confident if you take the extra step to change out of your sweatpants and into something a little more stylish. On this particular day, I opted for a comfy sweater (with a lot of personality) and boyfriend jeans.

Don’t forget your accessories.

Often when I’m running out the door in a frenzy because I snagged a few extra minutes of beauty sleep I throw my earrings and necklace into a pocket within my bag and throw them on once I’m in class, work, or in the lobby waiting for an appointment. The little sparkle makes all the difference in showing that you put effort into considering the details of your outfit.

Sunglasses are your friend (my new BFFs actually)

If I don’t have time to slap on some concealer I look like a zombie.  So these aviators have been great in helping me get out of the door with no makeup on without feeling super self conscious.

Tote bags are obviously meant for carrying your heels in -

don’t torture your feet by running around in your heels all day long!


So, remember how I said I look like a straight up zombie without concealer? Well, I’m like a character from the Walking Dead when I don’t sleep. But as I’ve been running on anywhere between 4 and 7 hours of sleep every night I’ve gotten pretty good at faking the bright eyed bushy tail look. ;)

Don’t skimp on a great concealer.

I am currently in LOVE with Mac’s Mineralize Concealer – my shade is NW20 in winter and NW25 in summer. It has great coverage while still looking natural, and minimizes the dreaded…dun dun dun… undereye creasing.

I LOVE PINK ! (Not the Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants..although those are great too)

Well, actually Hannah is the pink fanatic in this duo  BUT a shimmery light pink shadow does wonders for brightening up your eyes.

Speaking of pink…don’t forget the rosy cheeks!

A peachy pink blush with subtle shimmer will make your skin look dewy and healthy.

Don’t forget the highlighter!

Use a bright shimmery champagne shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up instantly. And then use a highlighting cream to highlight the top of your cheekbones for that extra wow factor.

Grooming your brows & applying mascara are non negotiable!

Must Have Fashion and Beauty

Ingredients for the Busy Woman (like me):


Boyfriend Jeans

Cozy Sweater

Style & Co. Nude Pumps

(Lusting over these Sam Edelman Kitten Heels)

Kate Spade Bow Necklace

Ralph Lauren Aviator Sunglasses



MAC Mineralize Concealer

IT Cosmetics Illuminizer

The Balm Hot Mama Blush

Maybelline Cream Eyeshadow in Inked in Pink

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

L’ORÉAL Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

H&M Nude Lipstick & IT Cosmetics Lip Gloss


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