Part Two: The Perfect Loose Curls

September 18, 2015


Happy Friday! In part one of this post, Audrey showed us how to do a quick & easy braid updo. Today she is going to show us how to achieve the perfect loose curls. I myself have never been that great at using a curling iron (I prefer the wand), but after some practice it’s definitely possible. Depending on your length of hair, curls can be the perfect way to transform your look. Loose curls especially are great because they always look effortless.

quickcurls  quickcurls2

Starting around the face, use a 1¼- inch curling iron to create waves in two inch sections. Be sure to twirl the hair away from your face. Hold the iron vertically, with the top just above ear level. Clip the completed front sections out of the way and curl the back half of the hair. 


Some great ways to hold the curls in place and add a nice shine is to mist finishing spray or hairspray from 8 to 10 inches away from the hair.


Once all of the waves have cooled, gently comb through them with your fingers.




If you live in Maine or are visiting, you have to check out Escada Hair Studio. I know it may come across as biased, but it really is in my opinion the best salon in the Lewiston/Auburn area. Not only are the hair stylists extraordinarily talented and educated in the newest trends, but the salon itself is so wonderful to be in. The clean, bright look and teal color palette gives the space a modern and upscale feel.


So many colors to choose from!!


 Thank you so much Audrey for your contribution to this post! 

If you live in the Lewiston/Auburn area you should really check out Escada Hair Studio! To thank our local Maine readers, Audrey and I wanted to give away a free hair styling to one lucky winner. To enter follow both Audrey and The Fashion Cookbook’s social media channels and leave a comment to this blog post. We’d love to hear your feedback and look forward to more fabulous collaborations in the future! ♥

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Escada Hair Studio: Part One

September 15, 2015


With autumn right around the corner and school starting back up, I thought it would be good to learn some new hairstyles for the fall season. Between grad classes, a new marketing internship, and maintaining the blog, I often find myself rushing to get out the door and in need of hairstyles that are both quick and easy. In order to help me learn, as well as share with you some simple styling tips, we welcome a very special guest to The Fashion Cookbook! Meet Audrey Martin, my cousin and hair dresser extraordinaire at Escada Hair Studio.

Audrey began cutting my hair back in high school when I first started the blog. She was instrumental in helping me define my personal style and build my overall confidence. If you look far back enough in the blog, you willl see she was the genious behind my asymetrical and short bob looks. She so graciously offered to help me and took part in this two part series.


1. Begin by brushing out your hair

2. At the top of your head separate a section of hair and tease with a rat tail comb one inch from the base of your skulp

3. Repeat step 2 for three sections of hair

hairsalonupdo1  hairsalonupdo2

4. Starting from one side of your head, french braid until you’ve run out of hair


5. Simply pin the end part of the french braid back under the braid



hairsalonEscadahairsalonpost hairsalonsummerupdo


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Avoiding Burn Out

May 28, 2015

DSC_0193 DSC_0280


I type, there is a sweet little poodle toy mix laying on my lap,
trying to decide whether or not to fall asleep.

 He is the newest addition to The Fashion Cookbook family (photos to come). This little guy, my affectionately called “little old man” Chalky (brownie points if you get the Boardwalk Empire reference, which although not the original intention (he was named by a four year old) is still a pretty cool namesake. Mr. Chalky has been keeping me quite busy with getting his health records updated, house training, and lots and lots of snuggles.Having him around has done wonders for my sanity, with his sweet puppy dog eyes and the mandatory daily walk. Although he is an older dog and a rescue he is gentle, affectionate, and loads of fun. I encourage you to adopt a dog in need if you’re looking for a furry four legged companion. They will surprise you!

Besides the new man in my life things have been a bit challenging as of late. Namely, a broken computer, graduation, and the start of a new job. All of these things have prompted me to take a brief hiatus, as I am sure you’ve noticed. I have to admit that getting back into the groove of things after stepping away for a while is not easy. Perhaps we’ve become conditioned to think about hiatuses in terms of epic band breakups and consequent reunions. So we set ourselves up to think that we need to come back with a bang in order to justify our hiatus. But the truth is, life is about balance and stuff happens. You won’t always be able to juggle everything perfectly and you may feel guilty or like a failure when things slip through the cracks but life is about prioritizing and sometimes that means letting somethings go in order to take care of yourself, your loved ones, or the challenges that life will inevitably throw your way.

Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll you that I am the queen of “can’t say no.” My ambition and drive are both a blessing and curse, pushing me in my personal and professional growth but also leading to inevitable burn out. So as I dive back into blogging, working full time, and family (dog included) responsibilities I am approaching things a bit differently. My hope is that these tips will help you to have a productive but enjoyable summer and help you to avoid burn out.

1. Take a Break
Bathroom breaks, walk the dog breaks, chat with your cubicle neighbor breaks, take some breaks.
Not only will your mental sanity improve but so will your productivity.

2. Establish a Routine of Weekly TLC
and stick to it!
For me, taking a few hours to blow out my hair, do my nails, and spend some quality time with
Hulu, Netflix, or HBO is all I need to get rejuvenated for the week ahead.

3. Manage Your Time
(don’t let your time manage you)
Whenever possible plan ahead and give yourself a time frame within which to accomplish tasks
so that you don’t get sucked into being a perfectionist and end up in an endless loop.

DSC_0169DSC_0201 DSC_0202 DSC_0181 DSC_0171



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Craving Spring

March 9, 2015


1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9

Happy Monday! I was so pleased today because it was 45 degrees and the sun was out. Hallelujah! It was the perfect reminder that Spring is coming and that winter does not last forever.  All I can say is that it came at a good time. I’ve been feeling unmotivated lately and haven’t had the energy to keep up with the gym. When I was little I would often attempt to escape the dreary cold and the mindset that came with it by dressing up like I was at the beach. I would sit in front of a space heater and imagine I was somewhere warm and tropical. One year, I had a tropical themed birthday in February. There was luau music, we played limbo, and ate fruit kabobs. Now that I’m older I don’t play dress up to escape the cold, but I do imagine the items I crave for Spring.

P.s I flipped out when I realized that the flowerpot purse from Kate Spade is finally available (#4 in the items above). How cute is that?!

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