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Velvet Choker Giveaway

February 26, 2017


You are not your roots. You are a flower grown from them.


Living back home has had its challenges, but it’s also brought many unforeseen opportunities. I think perhaps the best gift thus far has been that I’ve been given the chance to see my hometown in a new light. Growing up I always felt trapped by the small town feel and lack of diversity. The past five years I’ve grown exponentially by pushing my personal limitations and exposing myself to a myriad of new perspectives while in college. Now, in hometown again, the challenge I face is to continue to grow in a setting that I once found stagnant and even stifling.

choker2 chokeroutfit

I’ve always favored the industrial framework of my town. The old brick mills connect me to my French Canadian heritage and remind me of the opportunities that originally brought my family to this area. Walking around the downtown part of Lewiston while taking these photos I couldn’t help but reflect of how I myself have been shaped by this community. I think about how special it is now to walk into the local Starbucks and always know someone- how once I used to cringe at this, but now after living in a large city this is something I have come to appreciate, and even more, treasure.


I’m at an interesting point in life where I’m torn between the forces that once grounded me (home, family, religion, etc.) and wanting to break through the molding and completely rebuild what defines me. On one hand, I’m grateful for how I was raised, but on the other, I see how limiting it can be. I’m not someone who does well with transition, but I’m trying to accept that I’m in some kind of a free fall and learn all that I can by embracing the pain that comes from a time of growth.


In this outfit I felt major 70’s vibes and treasured that something I wore could connect me to an entire decade I never actually experienced. The coat I’m wearing, for instance, reminded me of something my grandmother would have worn during that time and in this exact setting. For that reason, I felt somewhat close to her even though she’s no longer living. Being in this familiar setting I feel so much nostalgia, but more and more I see how I’ll always hold a piece of home in my heart no matter where I am in life or where I live.


You can imagine my excitement when a local jewelry artist named Lincey Pepin recently contacted me to collaborate and I read that she was based out of my hometown. I was blown away that there are other creatives living in this community and pursuing their dreams in the greater fashion industry. Named Arthlin, her collection is sourced from materials made in the USA and each piece is handmade with care. I paired the velvet choker she gifted me with my Free People velvet flares to complete my retro look. What do you think? I’m wondering what you would wear this velvet choker with because Arthlin and I are giving away this same necklace to one lucky reader. Leave your comment below and I’ll choose one winner by Friday March 3rd at 12pm.



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Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017

Valentines5When Hannah and I came together to create this years Galentine’s day we both insisted it exude universal love. We live in a society where many women are objectified; not just by men but by their fellow counterparts.  Where men are chastised for being sensitive and nurturing.  This Galentine’s Day would be all about offering a little TLC. ValentinesdayHannah and I have been friends since High School. I was immediately attracted to her desire to cling to her true self. She did not shy away from her bold and colorful personality and was never afraid to welcome others into her home and heart. I will never forget how welcome I was in her home. It was clear that not only Hannah had this amazing love to offer but her family did as well. There is nothing like being accepted for exactly who you are. flowersFullSizeRender 12For years Hannah and I have molded and shaped our relationship through deep spiritual, emotional, and verbal connection.  We have been there for each other through all the glitzy and gloomy moments.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it was always worth it. We celebrate the love that we have built with each other and if you know us, we don’t hesitate to show it!

There is something captivating about empowering each other. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and in the scope of things that reality just doesn’t make sense. From our personal experience, there are a variety of things you can do to empower your lady/gentleman friends.

Valentines Valentines1thecupcakery1. Listen without Judgement

If you’re doing the talking, it’s crucial to know that the person you’re sharing your passions/problems/etc with is not judging you. We all have done things we are not proud of, we all have stories or ideas we are afraid to share for fear of rejection. The cure for this is to remember that we can offer love to someone just by being an ear that listens.

FullSizeRender2. Make FaceTime a priority

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking, no not the iPhone FaceTime (although if that’s your only option it will work)! What we have learned is that electronics are great, you can easily keep in touch with your people, but actual face time is better. We lack the ability to actually empathize with people when we can’t physically be present to connect with them. This can lead to shallow friendships and we want you to experience wholesome healthy relationships for life.

bestfriendsfloralarrangement3. Remove Gender Constraints

You’re not truly empowering your friends if you spend all your time trying to match the makeup artist and Victoria’s Secret models you see on Instagram. Remove the femininity this society forces you to embrace and what are you left with? What do you have to talk about? We as much as anyone love a good contour and deep set lip but we know our relationship won’t last if it remains at that surface level. Talk about your future goals, play sports, be active, make silly videos (we’re good at that) and above all, be you.

Valentines3 Valentines24. Encourage, Empower, Enjoy

This last part is key! Always, always encourage your friends. Send them encouraging texts, empowering quotes, and enjoy the time you spend with each other. That’s right, ENJOY the time you have with each other, that means no catty nights out, no backstabbing, and no image damaging talks/posts or tweets.

FullSizeRender 3

Celebrate each other this Galentine’s Day. Celebrate your unique friendships, celebrate your accomplishments and your inner value, and remember “we rise by lifting others.” -Robert Ingersoll

FullSizeRender 5All too often we focus on Valentine’s Day as being a holiday for couples. As someone who has gone through many more years single than in relationships, I have found that it is a special time to celebrate the love you have in your life no matter if that’s with a boyfriend, family member, gal pal, or with co-workers. The truth is love is to people what water is to plants. We need it, and more of it only makes us happier and more fulfilled. Chelsea and I want to remind you that you do not have to spend much money, or none at all to honor those you love on this special day.

valentinesdrink Valentines4 Valentines6This weekend we celebrated Galentine’s Day early with our new intern Logan. If these photos do the occasion any justice hopefully we conveyed that we turned ordinary into extraordinary, with decorations from the Dollar Tree and yummy goodies from a local bakery called the Cupcakery.

We were especially excited to not only be treated to such delicious cupcakes, sugar cookies, and heart-shaped macaroons but also were happy to be supporting a business that provides work opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The Cupcakery located in Lewiston, Maine is committed to using the highest-quality, freshest ingredients and offers personalized, special orders. One hundred percent of their profits go to assisting individuals with cognitive and intellectual impairments through agency-supported services. Now that’s a way to not only love what you eat but also give love to the local community!

FullSizeRender 8For those of you who may have dietary restrictions and sweets may seem out of the question, we also served a delicious Peach Delight that was completely vegan and raw. Our friend Cheryl from Life in the Raw shared with us this super easy recipe (listed below).

FullSizeRender 10 FullSizeRender 9

Peach Delight Recipe (serves 4)



1 ½ cup chopped strawberries

2 medjool dates

¼ teaspoon cardamon

2 tablespoons ground flax meal

½ teaspoon vanilla


2 peaches, sliced

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

¼ cup chopped almonds

Coconut flakes


Directions: Combine all sauce ingredients into blender and puree till a smooth consistency has been reached. Then assemble the dessert by placing the cinnamon and peaches in a bag and shake to coat. Please 4-6 slices of peaches in a dish, top with ¼ cup of the sauce and the chopped almonds and coconut flakes. Enjoy!

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 6 FullSizeRender 4The Fashion Cookbook wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day and hopes that you have just as much fun as we had this weekend during our Galentine’s party FullSizeRender 12

 Special thank you to The Cupcakery for donating the wonderful treats! 



& Chelsea

Self-Care Sunday & Self-Love Always

February 12, 2017

DSC_0253On the cusp of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to focus on the kind of love that is arguably the most important… the love of yourself. The practice of self-love is not equated with promoting ego, conceit, or arrogance, but rather is about honoring yourself as you would others. First love yourself, and then others will love you. Self-love is about learning to love your mind, your body, and your soul. It’s about learning to accept the failures that help you to be able to grow. When you are able to accept yourself as you are in its entirety, it will make loving others, in all their differences- flaws included- all the more meaningful.

To commence this journey to self-love you must treat yourself as if you’re having a love affair… with yourself.DSC_0268To begin with, you must start by treating yourself with more kindness. When you begin to self-sabotage or think negatively of yourself you must interrupt that thinking and turn it into kind and loving thoughts. Open your heart and mind so that you can feel what it is you need and watch the universe conspire to support you.

Just as you would to a significant other, it’s important you forgive yourself- daily. We are all human and every single one of use makes mistakes. It is how we grow from these mistakes that truly defines us.

Surround yourself with supportive family and friends who love you. Set boundaries and release yourself from relationships that are toxic. Part of protecting yourself means learning to say no when you need to.DSC_0285DSC_0320Lastly, pamper yourself. A lover would buy you flowers or leave you love notes around the house. They would do whatever they could to take care of you and make you feel special. You must do the same by taking care of yourself by putting yourself first. Thus, comes forth the need for self-care.

Self-care is the way in which you take time to show your body and mind that you care. Yes, it could be treating yourself to a massage at the spa once in awhile, but more than that it is the things you do daily to remind yourself that you matter.DSC_0270DSC_0262Read books that exercise your brain and challenge you to put yourself first each and every day.

DSC_0292 DSC_0295

Clear your space by burning palo santo, sage, or incense to rid yourself of negative energies.DSC_0277DSC_0311Administer essential oils on pulse points. Rose, jasmine, vanilla, honeysuckle, sandalwood and frankincense are all wonderful essential oils. They boost the energy of self-love.DSC_0314cDSC_0319Explore the art of Ayurvedic self-massage and use flower oils to assist in the emotional and spiritual levels of health.DSC_0338

Self-love is complete acceptance of yourself. To know who you are, where you have come from, and all the places you still have to go.

DSC_0332DSC_0280Meditation is the deepest form of self-love there is. Remember, if you have 15 minutes for Facebook, you can set aside 15 minutes for a practice that actually purifies your heart and connects you to who you really are. DSC_0307DSC_0290Heal yourself with crystals. Crystals can help heal deep-seated issues, bringing forth good health and greater happiness. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties — some are best suited for abundance and prosperity, while others are better for love, relationships, and harmony, or even protection and shielding.DSC_0334

Photography by Chelsea Blood

Model Logan Ronan (our newest intern)

The Art of Keeping Cool

February 8, 2017

Adidas“A person is a fluid process, not a fixed and static entity; a flowing river of change, not a block of solid material; a continually changing constellation of potentialities, not a fixed quantity of traits.” -Carl Rogers

Just as our perspectives are ever changing and forever molding, so is our ability to express ourselves through our personal style. Lately, I’ve become reflective of how much my thoughts and beliefs have changed, but I’m only now recognizing how my wardrobe has also changed to reflect my more recent influences. Although I still see my style as being more fluid depending on my mood and the situation, I can see too how it has shifted from being once ultra girly to now more minimalist.

stansmith Adidas3fiercethreestripesgangMy heart will always belong to fashion, but lately, I’ve felt more drawn to the footwear culture. Working at arguably one of the most relevant brands, Adidas, I was exposed to what I can only describe as coolness. When I was in Los Angeles I briefly interned in their Hollywood showroom and was surrounded by the industry’s top influencers. As much as I enjoyed the fashion in NYC, I have come to appreciate West Coast style more. For some reason, it feels more personal and authentic to me- almost like people show you that they are cool, rather than having to say it. adidasoriginalsStanSmith2KeepthemguessingWhat is truly mind boggling to me is how much the footwear industry is shaped and supported by pop culture and more so the rap/hip industry. Prior to interning for Adidas when I worked for New Balance in their Global Lifestyle Marketing department I did an extensive research project on the footwear industry and influencer marketing and found that brands’ association with black culture was the driving force behind sneaker sales. It irks me though that there is so much cultural appropriation that takes place amid this connection.

There is a difference between cultural appropriation versus being inspired and entwining some aspects of that culture’s looks into your own aesthetic. What is infuriating is how people like the Kardashians will get credit for starting a trend, such as wearing braids when entire groups of people have worn their hair like that for centuries (and there is significant cultural symbolism behind it). This is definitely a larger topic I will be exploring in more depth in a future post because I believe it’s so important to be cognizant of your privilege in relation to other people and that systematic inequality is real and that the fashion industry is a big propagator of this. From this recognition of your privilege, it is your duty to help those who are oppressed and aid in structural change in our society.Adidas2I bring these points up because I’m reflective of my own boundaries between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation in my style choices. What is the line between honoring the group that inspires you vs. taking on pieces of their culture as if they were your own? Ultimately what you wear sends a powerful message to the world and your clothing choices transmit cultural meaning, so take some time and reflect on what your personal style conveys and how authentic you are being.athleisure3athleisureMore to come soon! xx


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